The Wonderful Wizards of Odds & Ends - The Person(s) Behind the Curtain: The Unseen World

Presenter: Qaya Thompson, Yale - New Haven Hospital/Office Development and Bill Powers, Hospital for Special Surgery
Year: 2016
Price: Members: $49; Nonmembers: $79
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
 Prospect Research 
Competencies and Levels: 

  • PR: Competency 2: Prospect Research Essentials, Level I, Level II
  • PR: Competency 3: Ethics, Level I, Level II
  • PR: Competency 4: Utilizing Research Resources, Level I, Level II
  • PR Competency 7: Screenings, Level I, Level II
  • PR Competency 8: Research Checklist and Written and Verbal Skills, Level I, Level II
  • PR Competency 11: Measuring Research Efforts, Level I, Level II

The speakers will discuss the practices they use to run a small or single person research shop. Topics will include budgeting for resources, researcher to staff ratios, and time management skills to ensure a smooth running shop. The session will be participatory and allow for interaction from the audience and will include time saving tips, and more!

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