Hear new perspectives on some of today's hottest prospect research topics

Even if you missed the APRA Talks and Roundtable Networking Event at Prospect Development 2013, APRA's 26th International Conference, we don't want you to miss out on the excellent messages each speaker had to present. You can now access the recorded version of APRA Talks.

In APRA's version of TED Talks – riveting presentations with ideas that should be shared – Karen Isble, David Lawson, Valerie Anastasio and Jay Frost share their perspectives on topics in research development, such as:

  • Does it really matter where research, prospect management and analytics live?
  • Why do donors stop giving?
  • How can prospect researchers ensure that their work continues to be integrated, strategic and actionable?
  • How do you shine at the office and beyond?

The APRA Talks, modeled after TED Talks, are intended to inspire discussion across the profession and impart new ideas worth sharing. In that spirit, APRA is making these recordings available to you at no cost.

After you check out these riveting presentations, be sure to go back to APRA's Twitter (#APRATalks) and Facebook accounts to discuss with peers and presenters alike.

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