Promoting Prospect Intelligence with Supplemental Data Appends

Promoting Prospect Intelligence with Supplemental Data Appends
Speaker: Connor Kasey, Director, DonorScape Prospect Intelligence, Grenzebach Glier and Associates
Year: 2016
Body of Knowledge Domain and Competency: Prospect Research 1, 2, 4, 5, & 7; Relationship Management 1, 3, 6, & 8; Data Analytics 3, 4, 7, & 8, Campaigns 5
Body of Knowledge Level: I & II
Price: Member: FREE Non-Member: $39

Supplemental data is available for just about anything you might want or need – from age, estimated household income, and marital status, to email addresses, cell phone numbers, and places of employment. Such data not only help ensure that you keep in touch with your constituency, but also provide valuable insights, and indicators of philanthropic inclination and potential that can be used along with your own internal constituent data to gauge affinity, identify upgrade opportunities, and develop your own in-house models. As a result, it’s imperative that you view acquiring supplemental data as a strategic, capital investment in prospect intelligence and in the success of your development program as a whole.

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