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    APRA History: 1996

    APRA Highlights

    February 1996
    APRA board votes to change organization status to 501(c)(6), a professional organization.

    1996small-1.jpgBoard Members
    Paulette Persinger, President
    Shelley Brown, First Vice President/Corporate Membership Director
    Diane Crane, Chapter Services Director
    Katharine Fultz, Professional Development Director
    Napoleon Hendrix, Second Vice President/Conference Chair
    Michel Hudson, Member Services Director
    Margo Knight, Treasurer
    Christine Lockmon, Communications Director
    Jon Thorsen, Secretary 

    August 21–24, 1996
    650 attend Oceans of Information: The Next Wave in San Diego, California, the first conference with Track Chairs.

    • Keynotes: Douglas Lawson, Chairman & CEO of Lawson Associates; and Duane Day, Founder and Principal of Day & Associates
    • Conference Volunteers: Napoleon Hendrix, Conference Chair; Kim Signoret, Co-Chair; Steve Peckler, Model Librarian; Marsha Kraus, Computer Lab; Track Chairs were Randy Bunney, Edward D'Antoni, Suzanne Silletto, Catherine Terrones, Jon Thorsen and David Tseklenis
    • Writing Award: Carolyn Kourofsky, "The Rich are Different: What Prospect Researchers Need to Know About How Money Works"
    • APRA Service Award:  Ann Castle

    1996Connect.jpgConnections Themes and Editors
    The Small Shop, Katharine Fultz and Denise Janssen; Ethics; Campaigns, Nancy Petruso; Diversity, Rosemary Sokolik. A new graphic design and layout is created for Connections, spearheaded by Christine Lockmon.

    December 1996
    Members at 1,600 with 26 official chapters.

    World Headlines

    • Ted Kaczynski Is Arrested as Unabomber
    • TWA Flight 800 Crashes into Atlantic Shortly After Takeoff, 230 Die
    • Dow Tops 6,000, Up 100 percent in Four Years
    • Clinton Wins Presidency, First Democrat Re-Elected Since FDR
    • Fatal "Mad Cow" Disease Forces England to Destroy More Than 1 Million Cows

    Dow Jones

    • High — 6,500
    • Low — 5,200

    Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

    1. Walton Family; U.S.; retailing; $22.9 billion
    2. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $18 billion
    3. Warren E. Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $15.3 billion

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