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    APRA History: 1989

    APRA Highlights

    February 1989
    First meeting of the elected national board of directors held at Arizona State University.

    Board Members
    John Gliha, President
    Thom Carlson, Professional Development (resigned during the year)
    Lyn Day, Vice President
    Ann Marie Dillon, Newsletter/Publicity
    Joan M. Garrow, Membership Director
    Judy Jacobs, Conference Chair
    Sandra Johnson, Treasurer
    Jacqueline Elliott Robbins, Secretary
    Sam Ross, Professional Development (appointed to term vacated by Thom Carlson)

    August 24–26, 1989
    350 attend the second APRA Conference, Planting, Cultivating, and Harvesting, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Keynote: Eugene R. Tempel, Vice President of the Indiana University Foundation
    Conference Chair: Judy Jacobs

    August 1989
    APRA has 639 members. 

    October 1989
    President John Gliha and David M. Lawson, President of The Information Prospector, Inc., (pictured) announced the creation of "The Information Prospector Award for Excellence in Prospect Research." The award was designed to recognize significant contributions to the research profession; the author of the winning paper would receive a $1,000 prize; second- and third-place prizes were $500 and $250, respectively.

    World Headlines

    1. Exxon "Valdez" Spills 11 Million Barrels of Oil off Coast of Alaska
    2. Hundreds Die in Tiananmem Square as Troops Open Fire on Demonstrators
    3. Dow drops 190 points on October 13, second worst drop in history
    4. "Junk Bond" King Michael Milken Earned $550 Million in 1987 From Drexel Lambert

    Dow Jones

    1. High — 2,791
    2. Low — 2,168

    Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

    1. Yoshiaki Tsutsumi; Japan; land, railroads, resorts; $15 billion
    2. Taikichiro Mori; Japan; property development; $14.2 billion
    3. Sam Walton and family; U.S.; Wal-Mart; $8.7 billion

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