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    APRA History: 1998

    APRA Highlights

    February 1998
    The APRA Foundation Bylaws were adopted. The purpose of the Foundation was to "support educational opportunities and professional development for individuals engaged in advancement research and to serve as the charitable arm" of APRA.

    August 1998
    A revised Ethics Statement was approved by the APRA Board.

    1998small.jpgBoard Members
    Paulette Persinger, President
    Carol McConaghy Thorp, First VP/Corporate Relations Chair
    Michel Hudson, Second VP/Conference Chair
    Christina Pulawski, Secretary
    Katharine Fultz, Treasurer/Ethics Chair
    Diane Crane, Chapter Services Director
    James Bennetts, Marketing Director
    Napoleon Hendrix III, Membership Services Director
    Jon Thorsen, New Initiatives Director
    Karen Greene, Professional Development Director
    Christine Lockmon, Publications Director

    August 5–8, 1998
    1998hatsmall.jpgOver 750 attend the 11th annual conference, Research on the Riverwalk: The Best Little Conference in Texas, in San Antonio, Texas. Regional touches included a Mariachi band at the reception and an optional bus trip to historic Gruene. The Model Library included an online Web site for the first time.

    • Keynotes: Gary Hoover, founder of Reference Press (Hoover’s), BOOKSTOP Inc., and TravelFest Superstores Inc.; and Martha Whitehead, former Texas State Treasurer and Director of Special Programs for the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler.
    • Conference Volunteers: Michel Hudson, Conference Chair; Rita Ramirez McFadden, Model Librarian; Mary Wolcott, Computer Lab; Sandi Cooley, Dean of Volunteers; Jeanne Anderson, Hospitality Chair; Track Chairs were Nancy Cohen, Sandy Graf, Sharla LaFollette, Nancy Petruso, Pamela Smith, and Amy Walling 
    • APRA Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) Randy Bunney
    • Margaret Fuhry Grant: (First award recipient) Gina Garrett

    August/September 1998
    The APRA Foundation raised over $15,000 in gifts and pledges, enabling the Foundation to endow the Margaret Fuhry Grant much earlier than anticipated.

    Connections Themes and Editors
    Net Worth, Janet M. Bennett; Information Management, Margo Knight and David Sterling; Prospect Identification, Steven Hupp; and Special Constituencies, Poonam Prasad.

    December 1998
    Membership is just under 1,700.

    World Headlines

    Linda Tripp Reveals Secret Tapes of Her and Monica Lewinsky's Girl Talk

    President Clinton Denies Having Sexual Relations with 21-Year-Old Lewinsky

    House Impeaches President for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice

    Chrysler and Daimler Benz Merge

    Northern Ireland Peace Agreement is Reached

    Dow Jones

    • High — 9,374
    • Low — 7,539

    Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

    1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $51 billion
    2. Walton Family; U.S.; retailing; $27.6 billion
    3. Sultan Hassan al Bolkiah; Brunei; oil and gas; $36 billion

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