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    APRA's Best of Connections 2015 

    The Best of Connections 2015 is a special edition that you can access throughout 2016. Rediscover the most impactful and relevant articles published in Connections in 2015, as voted by the APRA Editorial Advisory Committee. Enjoy the first Best of Connections edition today!

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    APRA Connections Mission

    APRA Connections is the premier information resource for professionals in fundraising research, analytics and relationship management. Connections publishes timely and pertinent articles about research issues, methods and industry trends; offers thought-provoking opinion about emerging issues; serves as a platform for the exchange of information and ideas; and provides the knowledge required to succeed in today’s philanthropic environment.

    APRA Connections is predominantly composed of original educational content covering topics in fundraising research, analytics and relationship management. Connections positions the profession as a strategic partner in fundraising and as a critical component of any development operation. Connections also serves as a means to fostering partnerships and collaborations between APRA and other nonprofit professional organizations, which may include inviting or reprinting articles from thought leaders of peer organizations. As a voice of the organization, Connections publishes articles and editorials consonant with the strategic direction of the organization as defined by the APRA board.

    Managing Editor: Dennis Coyle