26th Annual International Conference

Vendor Seminars

Thursday, August 8 | 3:00pm - 3:45pm & 4:15pm - 5:00pm

Bentz Whaley Flessner: Session TBD

Equilar Atlas: Delivering the Highest ROI through Major Gift Fundraising Programs
Nick Ezzo, VP of Marketing, Equilar, Inc.
Just three percent of U.S.households are responsible for two-thirds of all giving in the U.S.With that in mind, successful nonprofit organizations need to dedicate resources when identifying and securing major gifts.And time is not on your side, as over $14 billion of equity becomes fully vested and available for donations in 2013.More than 70% of that amount will be liquid in the first half of the year.This presentation will provide the secrets for identifying and connecting with top major gift prospects.Additionally, you will find innovative tips, best practice stories, and effective strategies for mining SEC filings to deliver the highest ROI for your major gift fundraising programs.

IBM: Conquer 3 Common Fundraising Misconceptions with Predictive Analytics
Mary Grace Bateman, Market Manager, IBM Predictive Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions Marketing

Fundraising activities tend to be reactive – a recent campaign was successful so the same tactics are deployed again, or a campaign did not reach its targeted goals so the scramble begins to understand what went wrong.The “what went wrong” usually circles back to these three common misconceptions: fundraisers think they lack: 1) data necessary to understand donor attributes; 2) deep, granular insight to predict each donor’s behavior; and, 3) resources necessary to deliver targeted campaigns.Predictive analytics can conquer these misconceptions, empowering organizations to move from reaction to prediction by leveraging available data and in-house expertise to deliver successful, efficiently-run fundraising and marketing campaigns.

i-Wave: Increase Your Fundraising Success – Is it possible to reduce time on existing research requests and be a proactive fundraising organization at the same time?
A.J. Pickens, Vice President of Sales, iWave Information Systems; Alex Quinn, Senior Account Executive, iWave Information Systems

Is your organization asking the same donors for support over and over again? Are you in prospect research but your organization is not finding the time to prospect for new supporters? Join us for an informative session and case study review on how to not only reduce the time you spend online researching your prospects, but most importantly, how your organization can be proactive in finding new sources of funding.

We will focus on reducing your research time and increasing Individual, Foundation and Corporate giving.You’ll learn how to quickly find information on alumni, a donor’s previous giving history, corporate matching programs, giving guidelines and grant listings from foundations and most importantly, we will show you to how research and identify new sources of funding that are imperative to your organization’s success.

Lexis Nexis: Advance Boldly: Mastering Advanced Search Techniques in LexisNexis for Development Professionals
Ginger Cole, Product Mgr., LexisNexis for Development Professionals; Drew Albers, Sales Mgr.; Bill Madigan, Sr.Product Mgr.

Explore the depths of the unique and wide-ranging prospect data available through LNDP with simple and effective search strategies.This interactive session will feature a walk-through of advanced search scenarios.After a brief demonstration, attendees may participate in individualized breakouts with product experts to ask questions or see search strategies in action.Everyone will leave this session with something new to add to their next fundraising initiative.

Target Analytics: Driving Major Giving Success with Advanced Analytics
Page Bullington, Practice Manager, Target Analytics; Margaret Williams, Director of Research, University of South Dakota Foundation.

This session focuses on key decision areas every development office faces: resource management, goal setting, portfolio analysis, growth in raised dollars and donor upgrades and retention.Analytics can provide insight into these crucial areas while enhancing the ability of organizational leadership to make correct strategic decisions.This session will explore the tools available as well as detail the process used to successfully prepare for and implement an analytics project for major gifts.The focus of the session is to provide clear insight into analytics solutions that can be utilized to increase fundraising dollars, streamline operations and ultimately ensure success.Hear directly from a client on how they planned their capital campaign using precise data to determine target gift range and segmentation for outreach.

WealthEngine: WealthEngine 2013: New Tools & Resources to Help You Find the Right People for the Right Purpose
Kimberly O’Donnell, Chief Marketing Officer, WealthEngine

Check out WealthEngine’s new FindWealth 8 platform and see some of the newest features including visual relationship mapping, and more advanced and accurate matching algorithms and ratings and scores.Learn how screening and modeling/analytics are combining to help nonprofits identify their fundraising sweet spot and raise more money faster.