Data Analytics — Fundamental

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    Zen and the HeART of Data Mining
    Zen and the HeART of Data Mining

    Presenter: David Robertson, Syracuse University
    Track/Level: Data Analytics/Prospect Identification, Fundamental/Intermediate/Advanced
    Year: 2010

    The world is not perfect, and neither is our data. When analyzing data, it is critical to acknowledge error and discover the tools that highlight those levels of correlations interacting among the variables. The first step in data mining and predictive modeling is doing everything possible to create models that minimize this error. This session will use Microsoft Excel as analytical engine — a powerful tool available to all.

    Using Data for Metrics, Measurement: Promoting the Value of Research
    Using Data for Metrics, Measurement: Promoting the Value of Research

    Presenter Joshua Birkholz, Bentz Whaley Flessner
    Track/Level: Data Analytics, Fundamental/Intermediate
    Year: 2007

    The analysis of data within a prospect management system can be used to evaluate fundraising effectiveness, assist with strategic planning, and inform management decision making. Joshua Birkholz will examine what is important to monitor, how to establish benchmarks, and how to set up progress reporting and analysis.

    Data for Sale: Collecting and Using Data in Prospect Research
    Data for Sale:  Collecting and Using Data in Prospect Research

    Presenter: Lawrence C. Henze, J.D., Target Analytics, a Blackbaud Company
    Track/Level: Data Analytics, Fundamental/Intermediate/Advanced
    Year: 2011

    In a March 2011 cover article, Time Magazine explored the collection and sale of personal data in the U.S.  This brand new presentation provides an in-depth look at the sources and details of data available to non-profit organizations and vendors in the U.S. and Canada. We will also discuss how the data can be applied for planned giving purposes in particular. Topical areas that will be addressed:

    • Who and what are data mining companies?
    • Is data mining new?
    • How is data collected and distributed?
    • What data is useful for planned giving programs?
    • How can that data be collected?
    • Giving profiles for U.S. and Canadian donors.
    • Creating your own profiles.
    • What the data doesn’t tell you.
    • How you can use data to raise more.

    Three (3) learning objectives and/or products for this presentation:

    • Understand the role and purpose of data-mining companies
    • Learn what information and data points are most useful 
    • Use data profiling to target your best prospects

    Wealth-X Demo: Domestic and International Research Focus
    Wealth-X Demo:  Domestic and International Research Focus

    Presenter: Brian Gonzales, Wealth-X
    Track/Level: Advanced Research/Data Analytics/Prospect ID/Research Fundamentals, Fundamental/Intermediate/Advanced
    Year: 2012

    Whether you are a small shop or a large one, often times the research demands can be overwhelming.  Wealth-X employs nearly 200 full time researchers that cover 157 countries and 30+ languages.  Having been spun out of Forbes, we not only have expertise in researching international individuals but individuals that come from private companies as well.  This demo will cover our service offering and how Wealth-X is like adding an army of researchers to your team at a fraction of the cost.

    Data Visualization in Support of Fundraising: A Discussion on an Emerging Trend
    Data Visualization in Support of Fundraising: A Discussion on an Emerging Trend

    Presenters: Emily Walsh, University of Arizona Foundation and Kimberly Priebe, University of Chicago
    Track/Level: Data Analytics, Prospect Identification, All levels
    Year: 2012

    Data visualization: It’s a term you have probably been hearing about on an increasingly regular basis in our industry over the past several years. What does this emerging trend in visual reporting mean for us as a profession? Is data visualization or visual reporting something I should be doing in my own office? How can I apply it to my job? How can I do it effectively? Are my peers doing it? If so, has it been effective? This webinar will provide participants with an overview of two recent articles published in APRA Connections, “Data Visualization in Support of Fundraising” and “APRA Membership Survey Results: Data Visualization in Support of Fundraising”. The webinar will provide: a brief overview of some techniques that we have found useful for producing impactful and meaningful data visualizations, an analysis and discussion of the industry survey results and possibilities for future benchmarking, and time for Q & A and open discussion.

    Changing Face of Prospect Development
    Changing Face of Prospect Development

    Presenter: Bruce Wenger and Andrew C. Schultz, Bentz Whaley Flessner  
    Track/Level: Data Analytics, All levels
    Year: 2013

    In the age of Big Data, analytics is changing the way we approach prospect development.  By focusing on propensity, carefully  crafted predictive models are identifying  those prospects that “will” make a major gift not just those that “could.”  This however is only the beginning.  Analytics is already providing insights into which gift officers will be successful and how many visits may be necessary to close a gift.  Annual funds are focusing resources on what the next ask should be and through what channel the ask should be made based on data rather than tradition.  Join us for an exploration of the role data science is playing in philanthropy and a look at what may be coming