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    Leveraging Analytics in Prospect Research
    Leveraging Analytics in Prospect Research

    Presenter: Sonia Gilmore & Diane Korb, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centery
    Year: 2011
    Price: Members: $49; Nonmembers: $79
    Body of Knowledge Alignment:
    Domain: Data Analytics
    Competencies and Levels: 

    • Competency 3: Data Manipulation Skills, Level I
    • Competency 5: Visualization/Reporting Techniques and Competencies, Level I
    • Competency 9: Change Management/Strategic Thinking, Level I

    Domain: Prospect Research
    Competencies and Levels: 

    • Competency 11: Measuring Research Efforts, Level I & Level II 

    Domain: Relationship Management
    Competencies and Levels: 

    • Competency 4: Relationship Management Reporting, Level I & Level II
    • Competency 5: Moves Management, Level I & Level II
    • Competency 8: Pipeline Management, Level I & Level II
    • Competency 15: General Fundraising, Level I & Level II
    • Competency 16: Change and Project Management, Level I & Level II 


    This session will integrate analytics into the prospect research competency for improving development operations by investigating how MD Anderson Cancer Center has made progress undertaking this initiative over the past three years. Learn how to communicate effectively with numbers to reset working beliefs. This session will also help you understand the opportunity pool and enhance the prospect pipeline.