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    APRA History: 1988

    APRA Highlights

    January 1988
    The American Prospect Research Association (APRA) incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in Minnesota, to “promote and provide education in the area of prospect research to members and to promote networking and a cooperative relationship on a local and national level.”

    Transitional Board
    Inez Waltman Bergquist (President)
    Doug Adams
    Scotty Daniels
    Kathleen Foley
    Pegg Gustafson
    Barb Katz
    Rose Kowalski
    Sharon Van de North

    1988-program.jpgSeptember 15–16, 1988
    220 people attend the first APRA conference,  Share in the Riches, at the Spring Hill Conference Center outside Minneapolis. An Income and Job Survey was distributed and filled out by 122 participants. Almost 93 percent earned less than $35,000.
    Conference Chair: Inez Waltman Bergquist

    The first official APRA chapter was incorporated in Indiana in October 1988. The Puget Sound Development Research Association met in November, the Prospect Research Discussion Group met in Chicago on November 17 (later becoming the Chicago Area chapter in 1991 and the Illinois chapter in 1995), and the Ohio Prospect Research Network formed in 1988 (although it did not become a chapter until 1995).

    APRA's Connections debuts, and includes news and updates from the organization to members.

    World Headlines

    • USSR Plans to Withdraw from Afghanistan
    • Junk Bond Dealer Michael Milken Charged With Insider Dealing
    • George H.W. Bush Wins United States Presidency
    • 280 Die on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland

    Dow Jones

    • High — 2,183
    • Low — 1,879

    Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

    1. Yoshiaki Tsutsumi; Japan; land, railroads, resorts; $15 billion
    2. Taikichiro Mori; Japan; property development; $14.2 billion
    3. Reichmann brothers (Paul, Albert, Ralph); Canada; real estate; $9 billion
      (The richest American on the list: #7. Sam Walton; Wal-Mart; $6.7 billion)

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