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    APRA History: 1993

    APRA Highlights

    January 19931995Bulletin.jpg
    APRA aquired publication and subscription rights to Philanthropic Digest, a monthly listing of grants and gifts.

    March 1993
    First APRA Bulletin newsletter published.

    August 1993
    The emergence of PRSPCT-L is discussed by the APRA board.

    Board Members
    Kathy Wilson, President (resigned during the year)
    Ann Castle, First Vice President, then President (filling vacated position of Kathy Wilson)
    Gene Anderson, Publicity (resigned during the year)
    Lily Beck, Professional Development
    Lyn Day, Treasurer
    Barbara Fleming, Secretary
    Kathleen Foley, Membership (resigned during the year)
    Margaret Fuhry, Vice Conference Chair
    Margo Knight (appointed to fill vacant term)
    Kay Maves (appointed to fill vacant term)
    Emily Pfizenmaier-Henderson, Second Vice President/Conference Chair

    August 4–7, 19931993small.jpg
    500 attend Supporting the Spirit of Philanthropy: A Team Effort in St. Louis, Missouri, despite record flooding in the state during the summer. Special highlights of the conference included a Public Records Scavenger Hunt that took place in various locations around downtown St. Louis and an indoor giant volleyball tournament.

    • Keynotes: Burr Gibson, Executive Chairman of Marts & Lundy; and David Thompson, principal of Thompson and Pendel Associates
    • Margaret Fuhry, Conference Chair; Lynn Day, Conference Vice Chair; Michel Hudson, Model Librarian
    • Writing Award: Carolyn Kourofsky, "Seduced by Technology: A Cautionary Tale"
    • APRA Service Award: Kathleen Foley

    November 1993
    Dues increase from $50 to $75 while membership tops 1,400.
    The number of official APRA chapters grew to fourteen as groups in Arizona, New York City and California were approved, along with the first chapter outside of the United States, APRA-Eastern Canada.

    World Headlines

    • Clinton Becomes 42nd President
    • Car Bomb Explodes in World Trade Center; FBI Arrests Eight Muslim Extremists
    • Brady Bill is Passed Mandating Waiting Period to Buy Guns
    • Intel's "Pentium Processor" Unveiled

    Dow Jones

    • High — 3,799
    • Low — 3,355

    Forbes' World's Richest  Top Three

    1. Walton Family; U.S.; retailing; $25.3 billion
    2. Mars Family; U.S.; candy; $9.2 billion
    3. Yoshiaki Tsutsumi; Japan; real estate, railroads; $9 billion
      (William H. Gates III was 6th with $7.4 billion)

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