About APRA

    APRA History: 1994

    APRA Highlights

    August 1994
    Members vote to change the organization name to the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement.

    Board Members
    Jon Thorsen, President
    Shelley Brown, Second Vice President/Conference Chair
    Barbara Fleming, Secretary
    Jay Frost, Communications Director
    Beverly Goodwin, Ethics Chair
    Napoleon Hendrix, Conference Vice-Chair
    Margo Knight, Membership Services Chair
    Kay Maves, Treasurer
    Paulette Persinger, First Vice President

    August 17–20, 1994
    700 attend Discovering Information Strategies for a New World in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the first Conference designated as international. APRA worked in partnership with members of NEDRA to plan and provide volunteers for this conference. Attendees flocked to an information-packed session about The Internet and Prospect Research, presented by Christopher Felker of MIT, and danced the night away at a New England clambake.

    • Keynotes; Gwenn Weaver, Deputy Assistant Director for Information Management in the Executive Office of the President of the United States; and Josiah Spaulding Jr., President & CEO, Wang Center for the Performing Arts
    • Shelley Brown, Conference Chair; Napoleon Hendrix, Conference Vice Chair; Ann Castle, Model Librarian; Robert Millar, Computer Lab
    • Writing Award: Rika Beckley and Margaret Elliot, "Treasure Hunting for Philanthropic Partnerships with Small Business"
    • APRA Service Award: Lyn Day
    • A special year-end issue of Connections is produced with the 1994 Excellence in Writing on Prospect Research prizewinning papers.

    World Headlines

    • O.J. Simpson Arrested in Murder of Wife and Her Friend
    • Ken Starr Takes Over as Special Prosecutor in Clinton Whitewater Dealings
    • Richard Nixon Dies

    Dow Jones

    • High — 3,978
    • Low — 3,593

    Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

    1. Walton Family; U.S.; retailing; $23.6 billion
    2. Mars Family; U.S.; candy; $9.6 billion
    3. du Pont Family; U.S.; DuPont; $9 billion
      (William H. Gates III was still 6th with $8.2 billion)

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