Apra Talks

Apra Talks is Apra's unique version of TED Talks, tailored specifically to Apra members and the topics that matter to you! Taking place each year at Apra's Annual Conference, this hit session features several of Apra's best-loved speakers as they discuss topics related to the prospect development industry.

Apra Talks 2017: 30 Years in the Making: Apra Past, Present and Future

This year's Apra Talks will dive into the the ever-evolving world of prospect development from the beginning of Apra to present, and will look to the future for trends and insight. Don't miss what is sure to be one of the best Apra Talks to-date at Prospect Development 2017.

Apra Talks 2016: The Power of Networking

Nashville, the Music City, has launched the careers of stars such as Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban. How did they do it? In one word: networking. Building their names and brands one Nashville venue at a time, while creating a strong network of fans, followers and peers, was the key to success for these music mavens.

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