See the Forest & the Trees: Internal Campaign Factors

A former risk analyst gives advice on approaching private business valuation from a scientific standpoint, rather than one of art. Read the feature.  

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: External Campaign Factors
By Izabela Piasecka-Latour, research associate, and Tracey Church, principal researcher and consultant, Tracey Church & Associates Research + Consulting Services
If someone “can't see the forest for the trees,” it means they get so caught up in small details that they fail to see the bigger picture. This applies to campaign preparation. In part two of this series (read part one here), we examine the external factors (the "forest") to consider when developing a strong campaign.

Apra at 30: Stories From Jacqueline Robbins
By Emma Frey, associate editor, Connections
In honor of Apra's 30th Anniversary, the Connections team has reached out to Apra members who have dedicated years to the organization, and asked them a few questions regarding all things Apra: past, present and future. This week, hear from longtime Apra member Jacqueline Robbins.

Apra Chapter Capture

All over, Apra chapters are organizing events that highlight industry innovation, information and connection. Learn what Apra chapters have been doing this quarter, and discover upcoming events that you can pencil into your schedule.