How can you preserve data integrity and not lose the good opinion of development officers? The University of Washington introduced data audits. Read the feature.  

The Expression Economy, Making Data Personal and Evolving Your Skillset
By Amelia Bowen, senior prospect development consultant, Michigan State University
The internet allows for rampant self expression, and Prospect Development 2018 keynote speaker Ron Tite thinks "stories are way more powerful than your data."

Book Review: 'Data Science for Fundraising: Build Data-Driven Solutions Using R'
By Thomas Turner, director of research and prospect management, International Justice Mission
Whether you are hoping to have data analytics as part of your prospect development repertoire in the future or already have several seasoned analysts on your staff, you'll want to read "Data Science for Fundraising."

Apra Chapter Capture – Q2 2018
By Kristin Fields, managing editor, Connections
Learn what Apra chapters have been doing this quarter, and discover upcoming events that you can pencil into your schedule.