Five Steps to a Successful Campaign

Prospect development professionals who fail to uphold best practices can inadvertently hurt their organization’s efforts to reach their goal on schedule. Thankfully, implementing a set of basic principles can position your organization for success. Read the feature.  

Philanthropic Game Changer: The Rise of Donor Advised Funds

What, exactly, are donor-advised funds? Who uses them? Why are they so popular at the moment, and how can your organization maximize gifts from them? 

Apra at 30: Stories From Christine Mildner

In honor of Apra's 30th Anniversary, the Connections team has reached out to Apra members who have dedicated years to the organization, and asked them a few questions regarding all things Apra: past, present and future. This week, hear from longtime Apra member Christine Mildner.

Remarkably Outstanding Implementation: The Foundation of Positive ROI
By Lawrence Henze, principal consultant at Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud, Inc.
Don't settle for the way you've always done it. Learn how to use data analytics to determine an appropriate return on investment for your organization.