The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What AI will Mean to the Future of Philanthropy

Analyzing Fundraiser Performance: Top Performers

P2P Predictive Analytics: Crystal Ball to Success

Making Analytics Actionable

Take Your GPP to the Next Level: Managing and Analyzing Your Patient Screening Data for Fiscal Year-End Action

Body of Knowledge

Gamify Campaign Moves Management using Tableau

Keeping It Fresh

Using Wealth Insights & Analytics to Boost Year-End Fundraising

Wealth Screening Versus Modeling: Finding the Right Balance for Your Grateful Patient Program

The Three Essential Components to Building Your Donor Profile

Using RFM Analytics to ask the right person for the right amount at the right time

Data Decisions: How to Capture, Combine and Consume Data to Drive Stewardship

Maximizing Fundraising Efforts by Leveraging Data Science & Machine Learning

More than Donor vs. Non-Donor: Top 3 Segmentation Strategies to Drive Efficiency and Engagement

Year-End Database Audit: Tips to Prepare Your Nonprofit for 2018

Donor Retention, Churn, and Other KPIs using Tableau

Putting Mid-Level Prospects on Your Radar: Helping Often Overlooked Donors Take Flight

Data Analytics Bundle 1

Natural Partners | Leveraging Analytic Talent at Your Institution

The Data is in the Details: Leading Change Management and Strategic Thinking in a Campaign

Distilling Multiple Wealth Indicators into Single Gift Capacity Estimates

Act Now: The Intentional Career Plan

Get the Most out of Wealth Screening

Research Findings on Wealth & Philanthropy in the United States

How Non-Profits Can Deepen Relationships with Donors Using Analytics and Moves Management

Data for Sale: Collecting and Using Data for Prospect Research

Fully Engaged: Quantifying Engagement for Recognition and Strategy

The Power of Data Visualization, Prospect Management, and Fundraisers

Streamline & Accelerate Prospect Development Research

Promoting Prospect Intelligence with Supplemental Data Appends

We Have Always Done it That Way: The Tension Between Tradition and Best Fundraising Practices

How Do My Constituents Compare to Those At Other Organizations: A Case Study From Rice University

The Value of Predictive Analytics

Conducting a Portfolio Scrub

Finding the Time and the People How to Include Proactive Research in Your Workload

Competing in an Analytical Environment

Competing in an Analytical Environment

From New Acquaintances to VIPs

Refresh: Thinking about Data Modeling? Five Key Questions to Consider Before Starting

Prospect Analytics: Separating Fact from Fiction

Leveraging Geographic Data for Prospecting

Four Ways to Streamline Prospect Development

Inside the Data Mine: Major and Mid-Level Donor Characteristics

In-house Advancement Analytics Competency: Practical Advice and Examples

Predictive Analytics 102: A look under the hood of a statistical model.

Changing Face of Prospect Development

An Island of Information- Research in the UK

Deciphering the Information: A Case Study

A Case Study on Getting Started with Predictive Analytics at the University of Washington - Seattle

Using Game Theory in Analytics

Database Mining

Who Can it Be Now? Prospect Identification without Alumni

Behind the Scores – The Untold Story of Data

Data Visualization in Support of Fundraising: A Discussion on an Emerging Trend

Organic Modeling: Why local ingredients and hand-preparation produce healthier prediction

Bringing Predictive Analytics In-house with the utilization of Rapid Insight® Analytics

Data for Sale: Collecting and Using Data in Prospect Research

Research-Driven Prospect Portfolios

Zen and the HeART of Data Mining

Right-Minded Reporting: Make It Meaningful Using Data Visualization

Finding the Time and the People: How to Include Proactive Research in Your Workload

Post-Campaign Reporting

Mining Social Media: A Starter Package