About APRA

Glossary of Terms


A group of 10 or more people who adopt bylaws, elect officers, make a plan to meet at least two times per year in the interest of advancement research, and who formally join the family of APRA International through the chapter approval process.

Chapter Approval Process

The process by which a group of researchers formally asks to join the family of APRA International’s chapters. An application for approval, with required documents, is submitted to the APRA International board. The board reviews the documents to assess compliance with APRA’s regulations and then notifies the group of its decision.

Chapter Director

Elected or appointed leaders in the chapter who have defined duties and responsibilities, but are not Chapter officers. Chapter directors need not be APRA International members.

Chapter Officer

The president, vice president and secretary-treasurer of a chapter. All chapter officers must be APRA International members in good standing. Other positions can be named as officers, but all officers of a chapter must be APRA International members.

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

This is a nine-digit number assigned to businesses for tax filing and reporting purposes. Each chapter must have their own FEIN. This number is also known as the Tax ID number.

General Liability Insurance

Some meeting facilities require this type of insurance. Coverage is available to your chapter through APRA International’s policy. If you have any questions, please contact APRA headquarters, (312) 321-5196.

Group Exemption Number

This benefit allows chapters to have 501(c)(6) status under APRA International’s umbrella. Chapters formed after 1996 must complete the necessary paperwork to be included in the APRA group exemption.

Liability Insurance

Insurance covering the chapter’s board of directors and officers. This insurance covers lawsuits resulting from any actual or alleged wrongful act including errors, omissions, negligent acts, or breach of duty by the insured while performing the chapter’s business.

Statement of Activities

This is the income and expense statement itemizing all income and expenses for the chapter.

Statement of Financial Position

This is the balance sheet listing all the assets and liabilities of the chapter.