Plug In to Relationship Management Session Descriptions 

All times are listed in Central Time Zone. 

Thursday, November 1

10:30 am – 10:45 am CT

Welcome Session and Orientation

11:00 am – 12:00 pm CT

Brick by Brick: Laying the Foundation for Prospect Management

Marissa Todd, Prospect Research Analyst, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Body of Knowledge: Relationship Management, Competency 1, 3

Strategic relationship management can make the difference between a great gift and a transformational gift for your organization. More and more organizations are bringing on a prospect management professional to ensure the best potential prospects are being approached by the right fundraising team for support. But if there is no relationship management system, where do you begin? In this session, our speaker will walk through the basics of building a relationship management program, from knowing your prospect pool to relationship management policy. Whether you are building a program from scratch or tinkering with what is already in place, this session will provide valuable information to help you create the best system for your organization.

Reporting What Matters

James Sinclair, Associate Director, Relationship Management & Tracking, University of Southern California

Body of Knowledge: Relationship Management, Competency 4

This presentation will examine some of the key performance measures and reports used in the office of Relationship Management and Tracking. We will focus on two reports in particular: One used in portfolio reviews with fundraisers; the other for tracking proposal progress. Examples will include pivot tables and macros in Excel (basic reporting) and visualizations and dashboards in Tableau (advanced reporting).

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm CT

Strategy Radio Hour     

Andillon Hackney, Director, Development Research, UC San Diego; Brock Silvey, Director, Prospect Research and Management, Northwestern University

Body of Knowledge: Relationship Management, Competency 6

Have you been asked for “leads” only to have them all shot down? Do you find yourself fighting negativity when taking on new prospects? This conversational session is designed to spark ideas and problem solve challenges PD professionals face with leading productive strategy meetings. Whether it be enticing development with great prospects or having a real conversation about strategy and solicitation, this session is a collective think tank with two professionals who bring divergent experiences to the same topic. Topics will include: The importance of starting with strategy, process and procedure across different shop styles, your leadership and influence opportunities and understanding what you can and can’t control. Q&A will be encouraged so bring your burning questions and come join the conversation!

Policy Development and Implementation

Gareth Griffin, Director, Prospect Development, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Body of Knowledge: Relationship Management, Competency 2

In order to have an effective prospect management system, we must first establish the framework for how that system will operate. As prospect development professionals, we have the responsibility to develop, implement, maintain, and sustain the prospect management system and the policy that supports it. This session will discuss the importance of a prospect management policy and best practices for the (re)development of a policy and provide practical strategies for implementation and maintenance of a policy. This session is ideal for more advanced professionals, managers, and organization leaders.

Friday, November 2

10:30 am – 11:30 am CT

Taking a Deep Dive Into Metrics     

Jessica Balsam, Director, Prospect Management, University of Washington; Megan Ingram, Assistant Dean for Advancement, School of Public Health, University of Washington

Body of Knowledge: Relationship Management, Competency 9

How do you update metrics for 200 fundraisers in just five months? Learn how the prospect management and frontline teams formed a task force to update metrics at UW. Attendees will hear what they learned along the way about creating buy-in at the top, listening closely to fundraiser feedback, plumbing the depths of what they hoped to gain by measuring fundraiser activity, and rolling out changes.

Prospect Management: Enabling Ongoing and Meaningful Donor Engagement

Paul Wiklanski, Senior Associate Director, Prospect Management, University of Michigan; Kristin Gill, Senior Prospect Management Analyst, University of Michigan; Michael Parker, Lead Prospect Management Analyst, University of Michigan

Body of Knowledge: Relationship Management, Competency 13, 16

The University of Michigan Prospect Management Team will discuss their engagement-based prospect assignment process. They will share how they use biannual portfolio reviews to strategically assess prospect engagement and how gift officers are empowered to dynamically segment and review their portfolios. Finally, the team will discuss how they evaluate chronically unengaged or new prospects that have yet to be engaged.

11:45 am - 12:45 pm CT

Ask the Experts Panel (Levels I and II)

What relationship management challenges keep you up at night? Where could you use some advice? What would you ask if you had the experts on the line? We’ll be collecting Plug In registrants’ questions before and during the conference and posing them to panels of Apra experts in the final session of Plug In to Relationship Management. One virtual room will focus on more introductory questions and scenarios and the other will be for more advanced queries.