Partners & Sponsors

Apra Connections Sponsored Content Guidelines

Apra’s Connections online content hub offers our partners unique and valuable opportunities to showcase customized content to Apra’s members. By providing sponsored content, your organization can participate in the education of Apra members and contribute to the industry dialogue.

Sponsored content provides Apra’s partners the ability to:

  • Directly engage the Apra membership
  • Augment brand awareness among Apra members
  • Convey your organization’s subject matter authority
  • Participate in and drive the conversation on timely, relevant topics

Sponsored content can take the form of articles, white papers, case studies, videos, or another format — and our content team can even participate in the development of content if you desire. Content will be designated as sponsored and segmented on the Connections website, in order to differentiate it from the content developed by our members and staff.

 Here are some important guidelines about sponsored content:

  • It should offer fresh, thoughtful insight on prospect development issues.
  • It should be written by or advised by someone who has unique expertise or experience. The writing should be accessible, compelling and jargon-free.
  • Strive to inform and engage Apra members, but don’t advertise.
  • Offering useful and actionable information in a lively and readable style will do far more to promote your brand than a sales pitch.
  • While it’s perfectly acceptable for you to mention your company’s work, try to broaden the focus to reference developments or trends happening in the industry. Include customers (especially Apra members) where relevant.
  • The more authentic and impartial your article, the more impact it will have.
  • Readers like engaging stories. Whenever possible, describe real people in real situations. Be specific. Offer details.

Sponsored content is highly customizable and could look different for each participating partner.  To learn more and create your custom opportunity in Apra Connections, please contact Erin Weintraub or Jason Meyers.