PD Guide Program

For in-person Prospect Development attendees, Apra offers a PD Guide Program to ensure first-time attendees get the most out of its annual conference. PD guides will help first-time attendees navigate the conference experience within a structured, yet personal framework, for maximum inclusion, accessibility and value.

Specific goals of the program include:

  • Help first-time attendees leverage the conference's educational offerings that will benefit them most in their role
  • Introduce first-time attednees to fellow industry colleagues to make networking easier and more comfortable
  • Steward first-time attendees through reflection of their conference takeaways and developing a plan for actualizing their newfound knowledge

Program Resources for Guides and First-time Participants

PD Guides: Click here to access role-specific information and resources

First-time Participants: Click here to access first-time attendee participant information and resouces