Act Now: The Intentional Career Plan

Presenter: Lisa Howley, University of Southern California
Year: 2017
Price: Members: $49; Nonmembers: $79
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
 Campaigns, Relationship Management, Data Analytics

Competencies and Levels: 

  • CA: Competency 7: Collaboration and Relationship Building, LI & LII
  • RM: Competency 13: Building Internal Relationships, LI & LII
  • DA: Competency 9: Change Management/Strategic Thinking, LI & LII

Do you seek career growth, advancement or change? This session will focus on how to shape your career path through strategic intention and positive action. Learn how to identify your core values, and how to align these values to your career and future plans. Attendees will also learn how to build relationships and networks, promote and market yourself and your ideas, leverage the organizational culture and politics, influence for change, and kick-start change or growth if stuck in a rut. Apra’s Body of Knowledge will be reviewed as a tool for developing and advancing a prospect development career path.

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