Elevating Your Prospect Development Team Profile

PresenterTessa A Fjelland, Iowa State University Foundation, Trey Johnson, Iowa State University Foundation

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Description: The Prospect Development team at the ISU Foundation is involved in key initiatives at many levels of the organization. The team's professional profile is raised when we make presentations to internal boards and committees, advise on new program design, develop new markets, and contribute to interdisciplinary teams. Because we have the skill set and viewpoint to pull broad, disparate pieces of information together, we can assist the organization in making important decisions. This session will discuss how team skill sets have been utilized and elevated and it will make the case for our industry’s role in nonprofit organizations in general. Additionally, we will cover examples of how the ISUF Prospect Development team worked on institutional problems and how individual team members intentionally raise their profile with their peers.

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