Find the Major Gift Donor of Your Dreams: The Importance of Affinity Ratings and Customization

Presenters: Dawn Galasso, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, iWave
Patrick Bryden, Marketing Manager, iWave
Year: 2020
Price: Members: $0, Non-members: $39

Description: Historically, fundraisers and prospect researchers focused solely on wealth when looking for a major gift donor. However, in the evolving nonprofit world, wealth alone is no longer enough. Having the ability to incorporate donation data to both your organization and others into your wealth screening platform is vital to winning the hearts of your dream donors and finding your next major gift.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the role donation data plays within the wealth screening process. Tune in to learn how leveraging the power of affinity will help you identify constituents who have the greatest potential to become major gift donors. By using iWave as an example, the webinar will also feature an in-depth look on how fundraising intelligence and wealth screening platforms can uncover individuals who have an affinity to their organization and are ready to become major gift donors. This is a showcase you won't want to miss!

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