Inside Fundraiser Performance

Presenters: Jessica Balsam, Associate Director, Prospect Management, University of Washington; Halbe Dougherty-Wood, Director for Advancement for Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington
Year: 2016
Price: Member: $49 Non-Member: $79
Body of Knowledge Domain and Competencies: Relationship Management 9, 13, & 15
Level: I & II 

We all know major gift officers have complex jobs, but how much do we really understand about their work? Jessica and her fundraiser colleague Halbe undertook a project to learn more about what makes a top performing MGO at University of Washington, both quantitatively and qualitatively. They will show what they learned, and share ideas for using this knowledge to improve our relationships with fundraisers, better interpret fundraiser work into our prospect management systems, and increase our capacity to partner with MGOs and their managers in reaching their full potential.


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