Ready to Launch: A Strategic Planning Approach to Campaigns

Presenter: Alison Sommers-Sayre, Princeton University
Price: Members: $49, Non-Members: $79
Year: 2008
Body of Knowledge Alignment:

Domain: Prospect Research

Competencies and Levels:

  • Competency 6: Prospect Interests and Networks/Relationships, Level I 

This presentation will address how to:

  • Prepare your research shop for a campaign
  • Take a department inventory 
  • Assess customer feedback 
  • Determine return on investment 
  • Set goals and determine priorities 
  • Create a resource allocation plan

The presented addresses preparing your research shop for campaign. Mission statements, SWOT analysis, assessing stakeholder needs, SMART goals and determining ROI… Strategic planning may seem like a lot of jargon, but it’s really just about understanding your priorities and taking the time to create a realistic plan to help achieve your goals.

Alison Sommers-Sayre will discuss the strategic planning process, including how to take an inventory of your department, assess customer needs and determine resource allocation. Setting relevant and attainable goals is key to expectations management and fosters staff morale. Research departments can benefit from strategic planning at any time, but before a campaign launch it is critical to ensure your department and your staff are integral partners in a successful campaign.

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