Refresh: Building a Successful Prospect Identification Program

Presenter: Caroline Oblack, OHSU 
Year: 2014
Price: Members: $49, Non-Members: $79
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
Domain: Prospect Research

Competencies and Levels: 

  • Competency 7: Portfolio Management, Level II 
  • Competency 10: Campaign Management, Level II

Domain: Relationship Management
Competencies and Levels: 

  • Competency 1: Prospect Pool/Base Analysis, Level I

This is a recording refresh of the 2008 presentation, "Under the Microscope: Prospect Identification and Screening" by Suzanne Robertson & Tim Gergich 

Whether your organization would like to better understand your current constituency or whether there is a desire to expand your current donor base, a comprehensive prospect identification program is an effective way to gain insights about your donor base and identify new potential prospects to support your mission. This session will share key elements of the successful prospect identification program at Oregon Health & Science University Foundation. These elements include frequent wealth screening, a consistent prospect assignment workflow, and key reports to measure success and return on investment.

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