Stewards of the Data

Presenter: Sarah Cadbury, La Salle University
Year: 2012
Price: Members: $49; Nonmembers: $79
Body of Knowledge Alignment:
Domain: Prospect Research
Competencies and Levels: 

  • Competency 1: Information Management/Records Management, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 2: Prospect Research Essentials, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 3: Ethics, Level I & Level II
  • Competency 9: Organization and Fundraising Knowledge, Level I & Level II

Prospect researchers are in a unique position to help ensure that the development office stewards the data in our purview in an ethical and respectful manner. What types of information should be left out of the database and call reports? How do you communicate sensitive but potentially embarrassing information? What are the risks of email, cloud computing and working remotely? How does the federal red flags rules, which treats universities as lending institutions, impact development department with multi-platform databases? This presentation will address these issues and discuss ways to communicate policies and best practices with your development colleagues.

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