Using H1B Data to Determine Salaries

2019 Chapters Share The Knowledge Presentation

Presenters: Kim Braun, Associate Director for Prospect Research, Widener University, President, Apra Pennsylvania
Michael Boyle, Senior Research Analyst, Princeton University

Year: 2019
Price: Members: $49, Non-Members: $79

The Immigration and Nationality Act requires that the hiring of foreign workers by companies operating within the United States not adversely affect the wages of American workers comparably employed. In order to ensure compliance, companies that sponsor foreign workers through visa programs are required to submit detailed labor condition applications to the US Department of Labor. Most relevant for prospect researchers, companies that use the H-1B visa to sponsor highly skilled foreign workers must submit an application to the Department of Labor that contains, among other things, each worker's job title, workplace zip code, expected salary or salary range, and more. The Department of Labor publishes detailed information of this sort from hundreds of thousands of H-1B visa applications annually, with fields such as information technology, medicine, finance, and law being especially well represented. This webinar will share where to find these data, describe their strengths and limitations, and illustrate with examples.

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