Virtual and Traditional Office Environments: Are They Created Equal?

Presenters: Mark DeFilippis, The Nature Conservancy,
Prisca Zaccaria, University of Georgia

Year: Prospect Development 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Primary Competency: PR:Competency 9: Organization and Fundraising Knowledge

Description: Two seasoned managers share their unique experiences managing teams in virtual and traditional office environments. Increasingly, virtual offices and teleworking are becoming acceptable alternatives to working in traditional office settings, but are they right for everyone? Is work-life balance hampered or improved with virtual office arrangements? Are productivity and work quality lost when an employee works virtually? Do home office workers experience a better sense of happiness? Are they less likely to quit? What role does organizational culture play in creating opportunities for teleworking? There are pros and cons – for both managers and staff - in each environment and understanding the differences and nuances can determine if one or the other is a better fit for attendees. The presenters will explore where teleworking opportunities are likely to be found and share strategies and tactics for succeeding in these positions.

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