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Data Analytics Symposium
July 22-23, 2015

Level I & Level II

This two-day symposium will provide a venue for development analytics experts to present the conceptual framework and applications of theories and techniques through real-world case studies.  
The start-up track will focus on key projects and technical elements for an organization that’s beginning to assemble, or already assembling, an analytics program.

The enterprise track will provide new management strategies, technologies, methodologies and other areas of inquiry to those in more mature analytics programs.  

Within each track, sessions are categorized as relating to Theory & Practice or Techniques & Technology.

Theory & Practice – Informs on management concepts and applications that define successful analytics programs. Sessions in this category may also discuss how those programs grow and evolve over time. 

Technique & Technology – Presents cutting edge descriptive, predictive and/or prescriptive techniques, methods, and resources. Sessions in this category share the latest in ideas, models, visualization, and analysis methods as applied in development.

Who Should Attend

  • Development Data Scientists/Analysts who manage or implement statistics and predictive modeling for prospect identification, program evaluation, program metrics, forecasting, and other data-focused projects that inform management decision-making in development.
  • Business Intelligence Analysts who collaborate with development data scientists and/or perform data scientist functions that focus specifically on strategic reporting to serve business needs.
  • Data Engineers who collaborate with development data scientists and/or perform data scientist functions that focus specifically on preparing, exploring and transforming data.
  • Database Administrators who maintain integrity and fidelity of database content and architecture and implement the results of descriptive, predictive and/or prescriptive analytics on an automated basis in development databases.
  • Business Users who put analytics results and strategic decisions into action, as well as provide data and feedback for project evaluation.
  • Fundraising Project Managers who use the results of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to make strategic decisions in the fundraising arena to generate and inform priorities, as well as champion results.
  • Fundraising Project Sponsors/Chief Data Officers who provide direction for analytics programs during various stages of program maturation and champion the use of analytics office-wide for data-driven decision-making.