About APRA

Annual Reporting Requirements

Apra chapters organize by incorporating under the nonprofit status provided by Apra International. Once a chapter incorporates through Apra, there are benefits that the chapter will enjoy. There are also reporting requirements. The Apra Chapter Liaison serves as a resource for questions your chapter may have in regard to these benefits and responsibilities.

Chapter Reports

All chapters will receive regular communications from the Apra Chapter Liaison and from Apra headquarters. Each chapter must provide Apra headquarters with the following reports on an annual basis:

Each chapter must submit the forms and rosters listed above within 90 days of the new calendar year or the chapter will be removed from the Apra IRS group exemption and charged a $250 application fee to be included again. If forms and rosters are not provided for 3 years, the chapter will risk losing its chapter status. If you have any questions, please contact Apra headquarters or call 312.321.5196.