Financial Analysis: Practice, Myths & Reality in Prospect Research

Presenters: Jason Briggs, Co-Founder, PyroTalks CIC; Consulting Partner, BWF Europe; Fellow, Halpin Partnership

Jonathan Jeffery, Co-Founder, PyroTalks CIC; Senior Finance Lecturer, The University of Sheffield

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $49, Non-members" $79

Description:Whether you are a new or seasoned prospect researcher it is likely you have come into the sector without a background in financial analysis. You make do by learning bits 'here and there' but largely you rely on inherited practices passed down from researcher to researcher. These practices often go uncontested. But what if some of our core assumptions mean we've been undervaluing prospects for decades? Ever relied on Net Assets to value a prospects company? Ever discounted a prospect because their company doesn’t make a profit? Ever taken stock options at face value?

Upgrade your research skills with Jason Briggs and Jonathan Jeffery, co-founders of a new organisation called PyroTalks CIC, which is dedicated to improving not-for-profits access to specialist knowledge, as well as launching their flagship NanoConference.

Key Takeaways:
• Why Net Assets are unreliable when evaluating the potential of companies?
• Why profits are a lie: how to really evaluate how much cash a company is making?
• How to better understand a prospects stock options & compensation?

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