The Apra Body of Knowledge -- Make It Work For You

Presenter: Stephen Rowe, Australian National University
Year: 2015
Price: Members: $49 Non-members: $79
Body of Knowledge Domain: Professional Development 

Apra volunteers have produced a comprehensive overview of the prospect development skill set, but how can this large amount of information translate to professional development for you and your colleagues? This presentation will show – from the perspective of a three-person shop – how the Body of Knowledge was systematically reviewed to appraise skillsets, identify growth opportunities, change internal structures and inform future hiring practices. The presentation will also aim to give a broad view of how the BOK is advancing professionalization and recognition for practitioners within the wider field of prospect development.

Learning objectives:

  • Background of the Body of Knowledge and how it is structured 
  • How study of the BOK has allowed for structured analysis of team competencies and team aspirations 
  • Issues and challenges experienced studying and implementing the BOK 
  • How the BOK can lead to increased recognition of the professionalization of the prospect development field


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