Diversity, Capacity, and Engagement: Prospecting for Volunteer Leadership

Presenter: Amanda Ward, Director of Research and Relationship Management
Rollins College, Michael Lasala, Director, Prospect Development
University of Denver
Year: 2018
Price: Members: $49, Non-Members: $79
Body of Knowledge Domains: Prospect Research

Primary Competency: RM:Competency 1: Prospect Pool/Base Analysis
Secondary Competency: RM:Competency 14: Institutional Knowledge
Tertiary Competency: RM:Competency 11: Volunteer Management
Intended Audience Level: Level I
Members of the Board of Trustees lead organizations in strategic planning, through principal gifts, and as representatives of the mission and vision. As organizations move forward, the search for volunteer leadership should include individuals that are not only champions and advisors of the college, but also those that reflect the changing student body and their communities. In addition to filling gaps in a board’s demographic and industry diversity, board membership is a significant opportunity to further an organization’s relationship with its most engaged and invested donors. Presenters will discuss the process of identifying best prospective board nominees based on their engagement, capacity for leadership gifts, and their contribution to board diversity.

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