Your Motivational Style: Understand, Appreciate, and Influence

Wednesday, November 1

12:30pm – 1:15pm

Interpersonal relationships are complex. We have different motivations and use different strengths at work. Using Relationship Awareness Theory and examples from the prospect development and research world, we will explore key motivational value systems – People, Performance, and Process – and learn how to identify them in ourselves and others. By understanding why we and other people behave as we do, we can learn how to influence people who think, behave and communicate differently from us.


This session will help you:

  • Recognize key motivational value systems and how they influence behavior
  • Understand your motivational style and how you can harness it to increase your performance and satisfaction
  • Appreciate all motivational styles and understand how to communicate with those who are different from you
  • Create a commitment about how to put this learning into action


About Janice Cunning, CPCC, ACC:

Janice by Nizam Studios.jpgJanice is an experienced facilitator and Certified Coach specializing in non-profit leadership development and coaching. She combines her coaching skills with over 17 years of experience as a prospect researcher. Janice has coached senior non-profit leaders at institutions across North America and facilitated workshops for Apra, ICF-Toronto, United Way Toronto & York Region, Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation, and Camp Oochigeas.

An active volunteer, Janice was a founding director of Apra-Canada and the second international member to serve on the Apra board. While serving on the Apra board, Janice held the position of Vice President of Information Resources and chaired the nominating and branding committees. Recently Janice served the coaching community as Vice President and Secretary for the International Coach Federation – Toronto Chapter. She is currently acting as a mentor for graduates of CTI’s Leadership Program.