Plug In to Prospect Research Schedule

Wednesday, November 1

All times are listed in Central Time Zone

Level I and II offered for each module


10:00am – 10:20am: Welcome Session and Orientation


10:30am – 12:00pm: Demystifying Prospect Research            

The Wonderful World of Prospect Research

Kelly Riutta, Director of Prospect Research, University of Washington

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 2, Level I

This session welcomes you to the conference with an introductory overview of the fundamentals of prospect research: what we do and why we do it. Using video testimony from frontline fundraisers and other advancement staff, this session centers prospect research as an essential process in the fundraising cycle providing inspiration and context for your prospect research journey.

Research Resources: Beyond the Basics

Alison Becker, Associate Director, Development Research, University of Southern California

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 4, Level II

In this session, we’ll discuss resources for special projects and tough questions. We’ll start with an overview of some of the more challenging topics and discuss free and fee-based resources. Bring your toughest questions and we’ll help you solve them!


12:30pm – 1:15pm: Your Motivational Style: Understand, Appreciate and Influence

Grab a conference room and your team for the keynote presentation. This is a great time to take a break, grab some refreshments and get in some time with your team!


1:30pm – 3:00pm: Prospect Profiles    

Interests and Networks - How to Find and Leverage Them        

Alison Becker, Associate Director, Development Research, University of Southern California

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 6, Level I

Your prospects don’t exist in a vacuum. They have lives and philanthropic interests outside your institution, and you and your fundraisers need to know what’s going on so you can tailor solicitations accordingly. In this session, we’ll learn how to identify personal and professional connections, philanthropic interests, and incorporate them into your research products.

Understanding and Utilizing SEC filings

Bill Gotfredson, Associate Director, Prospect Research, Boston Children’s Hospital Trust

Dave Owens, Senior Prospect Researcher, Boston Children’s Hospital Trust

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 5, Level II

Ever wondered how much Hedge Fund managers earn? OR how much a CFO made at an IPO? OR where to find the charitable giving code in an insider holding filing? Come learn about public SEC forms to identify and confirm wealth indicators. We’ll be exploring direct and indirect stock holdings, valuing restricted stock units, salary and other compensation including expense reimbursements and retirement compensation, company ownership/controlling interest and other assets.  Forms we’ll review include: Forms 3 and 4, Proxies (DEF14A), ADV Forms (Investment Management Firms), brochures and more.


Thursday, November 2

Level I and II offered for each module


10:00am - 10:15am: Welcome Remarks and Review


10:15am - 11:45am: The Power of Research

Modules include: Organization and Fundraising Knowledge, Ethics, and Campaigns

Plug In to Ethics

Gareth Griffin, Senior Director of Prospect Management & Analytics, Santa Clara University;

Lori Hood Lawson, Co-founder and CEO,

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 3, Level I

Join Gareth Griffin, chair of Apra’s Ethics & Compliance Committee (ECC), and Lori Hood Lawson, former chair and current member of Apra’s ECC, for a discussion on ethics in prospect research and development. The session will cover strategies to best ensure compliance with Apra’s Statement of Ethics as well as other industry standards and regulations. Real workplace ethical scenarios will be explored in this interactive session. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of ethics can-do!

How Did We Get Here, Where Are We Going, and What is a Campaign Anyway?

Mallory Lass, Assistant Director, Prospect Management, UC Berkeley

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 10, Level II

This presentation will outline how to create and leverage a prospect pool analysis, from small scale pools for specific projects, to your entire constituency. Prospect Pool analysis is a vital component to pre-campaign planning, feasibility studies, and campaign priority alignment. The question of “now what?” will be tackled.  Whether you are running a small program based campaign or a capital campaign, identifying your prospect pool and building a pyramid is only the first step.  You will learn various strategies for taking your analysis from a recommendation to an action plan. Help your organizations’ leadership understand the answers to some key questions around prospect pool viability, bandwidth & staffing (both prospect development and frontline fundraising), and goal alignment and how that information can shape the success of your campaign.


12:30pm – 1:00pmNetworking Break

Join fellow attendees for open discussions around a variety of topics. Conference Call info and specific topics to come.


1:30pm – 3:00pm: Strategic Planning                     

What’s Your Effort Worth? Measuring Prospect Research                                         

Henry Lau, Senior Director, Research, Beaumont Health Foundation

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 11, Level I

How are you measuring the value of the work that you create as a prospect researcher? This session explores why measuring the ROI of research efforts is critical and shares best practices for demonstrating the impact that research has on organizational fundraising operations, including relationships built and dollars raised. You’ll also walk away with some tips to communicate this measurement to others in your fundraising division to help build awareness for the importance of research efforts.

Brace for Impact: Translating Information into Action

Kelly Riutta, Director of Prospect Research, University of Washington

Body of Knowledge: Prospect Research, Competency 8, Level II

You’ve gathered the information, crunched the numbers, analyzed the data, typed it all up and hit send. But did your fundraiser know what to do with it? As we evolve into analysts and strategists, it’s not enough to answer the question asked. We must focus on providing actionable data. This session will cover communication basics while providing reporting solutions big and small to ensure our work has both application and impact.