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APRA History: 1997

APRA Highlights

March 1997
Dues increased from $75 to $100 and first Skills Set document is produced.

Board Members
Paulette Persinger, President
James Bennetts, Marketing Director
Diane Crane, Chapter Services Director
Katharine Fultz, Professional Development Director
Napoleon Hendrix, Membership Services Director
Michel Hudson, Second Vice President/Conference Chair
Margo Knight, Treasurer
Christine Lockmon, Communications Director
Carol McConaghy Thorp, First Vice President/Corporate Membership Director
Jon Thorsen, Secretary

1997small.jpgAugust 13–15, 1997
Over 700 participants chose from among 44 sessions at the 10th annual conference, A Decade of Research Comes to the Point in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Keynotes: Ray Lemke of Maun-Lemke, Inc.; and Linda Dickerson, publisher of Executive Report magazine
  • Conference Volunteers: Michel Hudson, Conference Chair;  Cliff Glovier, Model Librarian; Joe Boeke, Computer Lab; Track Chairs were Kathleen Brittain Luther, Gregory Shearer, Elizabeth McHugh, Pamela Smith, G.B. Olsen, Julie Thompson, Joe Boeke, David Lamb and Jon Thorsen
  • APRA Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) David Lamb

Connections Themes and Editors
The Development Cycle, Diane Carlin; Management Issues, Daria J. Walsh; The Future of Prospect Research, Bonnie Rizzuto; Prospect Management, David Mulder

August 1997
Board suspended the APRA Writing Award indefinitely.

October 1997
APRA Board authorized a $5,000 Challenge Grant to the APRA Foundation to assist their efforts in raising funds for the Margaret Fuhry Memorial Scholarship Fund.

November 1997
APRA was granted 501(c)(6) status by the IRS, and the APRA Foundation took over the 501(c)(3) status.

World Headlines

  • First Cloned Mammal is a Sheep Named Dolly
  • Dow Tops 7,000; Dow Drops Record 554 in One Day; Dow Gains Record 337 Points Day After Record Drop
  • Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Die in Car Crash in Paris
  • Mother Theresa Dies in Calcutta at Age 87
  • Sojourner Vehicle Roams Mars; Sends Back Pictures

Dow Jones

  • High — 8,250
  • Low — 6,300

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $36.4 billion
  2. Walton Family; U.S.; retailing; $27.6 billion
  3. Warren E. Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $23.2 billion

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