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APRA History: 1999

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March 1999
The APRA Bulletin was published bimonthly and became an electronic product, distributed by e-mail and made available on the APRA website.

Board Members
Michel Hudson, President
Carol McConaghy Thorp, First VP/Corporate Relations Chair
Christina Pulawski, Second VP/Conference Chair
James Bennetts, Secretary
1999small.jpgPaulette Persinger, Treasurer
Diane Crane, Chapter Services Director
Karen Greene, Foundation Liaison
Joseph Boeke, Marketing Director
Napoleon Hendrix III, Membership Services Director
Joan Reiss, Professional Development Director
Christine Lockmon, Publications Director

August 11–14, 1999
Over 870 attendees gather at the 12th Annual International Conference, Southern Exposure: A Picture of Research in the Next Millennium in Atlanta, Georgia. Advancement Services, Out of Academe and Other Duties as Assigned tracks were added.

  • Keynotes: Bryan Pfaffenberger, author of more than 100 books on technology and the Internet; and Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionare Next Door and The Millionaire Mind.
  • Conference Volunteers: Christina Pulawski, Conference Chair; Susanna Williams and Michelle Buckman, Model Librarians; Mark DeFilippis, Computer Lab; Joan Roeber Jones, Dean of Volunteers; Sara Parker and Susan Howard, Hospitality Co-Chairs; Track Chairs were Nancy Cohen, Diane Crane, Cathy Hampton, Karen Isble, Randy Lakeman, Jon Thorsen, Julie Wiseman, and Julie Yurko
  • 1999KirkROY.jpgAPRA Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) Jon Thorsen
  • Margaret Fuhry Grant: Shelby McClintock
  • First Researcher of the Year Award: (sponsored by Thomson Financial Wealth Identification) Carrie Kirk

Connections Themes and Editors
Contrasting Shops, Melissa C. Burns; Research: Making Advancement Go!, David Sterling; Research in the New Millennium, Cathy Hampton and Diana Nagy; and International Research, Cecilia Hogan.

Chapter Highlights
APRA-Missouri returned to active status and expanded its service area to include Kansas as APRA-MO/KAN. The APRA-Great Plains chapter was organized by researchers in Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Chapter grants went to APRA-Greater New York, CARA (California), APRA-Virginia and APRA-Michigan.

APRA worked with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education to present CASE’s Major Donor Research Conference in San Diego.

August 1999
The APRA Web site was moved in-house from volunteer maintenance (by David Lamb). The APRA Foundation raised $24,328 in gifts and pledges to support the APRA scholarships and the Margaret Fuhry Endowment. Membership rises to over 1,750.

World Headlines

  • Senate Fails to Convict President Clinton on Impeachment
  • NATO Goes to War Over Kosovo
  • Columbine School Shooting
  • Earthquake Devastates Turkey
  • World Braces for Millenium Bug

Dow Jones

  • High — 11,750
  • Low — 9,181

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $90 billion
  2. Warren E. Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $36.0 billion
  3. Paul Allen; U.S.; computer software; $30 billion
    (Forbes listed each Walton family member separately this year; together they would have been 2nd at $79 billion)

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