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APRA History: 2001


APRA Highlights

April 2001
First APRA Boot Camp held at Chicago's Hyatt Regency O’Hare, covering basic research training in a two-day mini-conference.

Board Members
Michel Hudson, President
Joan Reiss, Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Seymour, Foundation Chair
Education and Professional Development Team — Christina Pulawski (VP), Barbara Fanning, David Tinker
Marketing Team — Christine Lockmon (VP), Mark Cotleur, Julie Yurko
Member Services Team — Randy Lakeman (VP/President-Elect), Cecilia Hogan, Elizabeth McHugh

2001small.jpgAugust 15–18, 2001
Over 1,100 people attended the 14th Annual International Conference, Magnificent Miles of Information: A View From the Crossroads, in Chicago, Illinois. This was a new all-time record and a 22 percent increase over 2000. Emerging Issues and Trends (sponsored by Marts & Lundy) was a new track at the conference.

  • Keynotes: Judith E. Nichols, consultant and author of multiple books on fundraising; and Paul Schervish, director of Social Welfare Research Institute at Boston College
  • Conference Volunteers: Christina Pulawski, Conference Chair;  Opal Buoy and Scott Meyer, Resource Center Co-Chairs; Nancy Ciesiel, Dean of Volunteers; Klaus Reissenweber and William Schendel, Hospitality Co-Chairs; Track Chairs were Randy Bunney, Nancy Cohen, Elizabeth Crabtree, Vicky Martin, Shelby McClintock, Pamela Poland, Poonam Prasad and Jon Thorsen
  • APRA Distinguished Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) Margo Knight
  • Researcher of the Year Award: (sponsored by Prospect Information Network, LLC) Christine Flanagan

2001ConfAwardsm.jpgConnections Themes
Women and Philanthropy, Daria J. Walsh; Corporate and Foundation Research, Kate Ambrose; Fusion: Research and the Rest of Development, Charles Snyder; and Politics and Leadership, David Sterling

Chapter Highlights
APRA-Texas became APRA-Southwest with the addition of Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma to its service area. APRA-Delaware Valley changed its name to APRA-Greater Philadelphia. APRA-Canada was approved as an official chapter. APRA Chapter Grants went to CARA (California) and APRA-Arkansas.

2001Network.jpgAugust 2001
APRA membership increased to almost 2,100, the highest to date.

World Headlines

  • September 11 Terrorist Attacks  in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Failing Economy; Continued Downturn in High-Tech Industry
  • Mideast Conflict Escalates
  • Entrepreneur Dean Kamen Unveils the Segway
  • Satellite Radio Service Launched

Dow Jones

  • High —11,302
  • Low — 8,236

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $58.7 billion
  2. Warren Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $32.3 billion
  3. Paul Allen; U.S.; stock market; $30.4 billion

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