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APRA Skills Sets 

The APRA Skills Sets were created to help fundraising and human resource personnel design job descriptions, training programs, and performance evaluation tools for advancement prospect development professionals.

Although most development personnel understand what annual fund officers, capital campaign staff and special events coordinators do, the role of advancement researchers is often unclear. Having these tools is helpful, therefore, not only to the person hiring, but also to the individual being hired. They can also be used as guides in staff evaluations and as a way to identify gaps in knowledge. Since development organizations come in many forms, it is important to note that the APRA Skills Sets are recommendations that should be customized to meet the specific needs of each institution. 

At present, there are four APRA Skills Sets:

  1. Prospect Research Fundamentals focuses on the skills that should be acquired by an advancement prospect researcher in the early part of his or her training.
  2. Advanced Prospect Research builds on Prospect Research Fundamentals and outlines skills required for advanced prospect research work.
  3. Research Management is a distinct set that does not build on the first two, but instead outlines the skills required for the management of a prospect research operation.
  4. Relationship Management is a second distinct set that does not build on the first two, and it outlines the skills required for a professional whose job is comprised solely of relationship managment responsibilities. 

The Skill Sets are available to APRA members.

The APRA Skills Sets were originally developed by a committee of volunteers and formally adopted by the APRA Board in the summer of 1998. An updated and expanded version was developed by another committee and approved in 2005.

APRA would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the following volunteers who helped to create the latest versions of the APRA Skills Sets:

Basic Skills Set Subcommittee
Chair: Sandra Campero
Members: Lauretta Knight, Laura Hinkley, Pamela Poland

Advanced Skills Set Subcommittee
Chair: Sarah Conners-Smith
Members: Shelby McClintock, Peter Wasemiller, Laura Raymond

Management Skills Set Subcommittee
Chair: Margo Knight
Members: Diane Crane, Christine Lockmon, Christopher Pipkins

Relationship Management Skills Set Subcommittee
Chair: Amy Walling
Members: Eric Siegel, Debbie Menoher, Shelby McClintock