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APRA History: 2010

APRA Highlights

Symposia Topics
Management and Professional Development, New Researchers Symposium, and Data Analytics Symposium.

July 21–24, 2010
23rd Annual International Conference: Strategy, Collaboration, Results was held in Anaheim, Calif.

  • Conference materials were available online, replacing printed handouts as a commitment to “going green” as an organization.
  • New to the 2010 Annual International Conference: Roundtable Networking Session and Lunch, an Affinity and User Group Discussion Session and Passport to Prizes game card for the exhibit hall.
  • CFRE Continuing Education Credits were offered for attendees.
  • Hospitality Co-Chairs: Cristi Hendry, University of California-Riverside; Dori Watanabe, UC Irvine
  • Volunteer Co-Chairs: Dennis Petticofer, Chapman University; Suzanne Szalay, Children’s Hospital – LA
  • APRA Distinguished Service Award (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner): Karen Greene
  • Researcher of the Year Award (sponsored by WealthEngine): Audrey Geoffrey
  • APRA Scholarship Recipient: Tyler Nix

2010 Curriculum Planning Committee and Conference Ambassadors
Elizabeth Dollhopf-Brown, Chair, University of Rochester
Amy Begg, Harvard University
Rob Boley, Wright State University
Tari Caldwell, The Nature Conservancy
Michael Foote, Dartmouth College
Jill Meister, The Williston Northampton School
David E. Robertson, Jr., Syracuse University
Michael Seymour, University of Southern California
Michele Whitney, The Robin Hood Foundation

Board Members
President: Deborah Mueller, Minnesota Medical Foundation at the University of Minnesota
President-Elect: Robert Scott, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Treasurer: Michael Quevli, Target Analytics, a Blackbaud Company
Secretary: Lisa Howley, Johns Hopkins Institutions
Immediate Past President: Elizabeth Crabtree, Brown University
Directors: Helen Brown, The Helen Brown Group LLC
Susan Faraone, Illinois Institute of Technology
Hodan Hassan, U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Kelly Gieser, Hazelden Foundation
Deborah Reinhardt Youmans, Le Moyne College
James Rygg, City of Hope
Karen Stitsworth, St. Olaf College

World Headlines

  • A 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook Port-au-Prince, Haiti, toppling buildings and destroying most of the country’s infrastructure. Humanitarian aid began flowing into the country within hours of the quake.
  • The Deepwater Horizon, an offshore floating oil rig, exploded, killing 11 workers and forcing other workers onto life boats. The explosion set off a three month oil leak that reached American shores in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The leak was not stopped until July 15.
  • It was reported 26-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would donate $100 million to the Newark Public Schools. Zuckerberg later made the official announcement on Oprah. Zuckerberg was later named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” on Dec. 16.
  • After nearly 70 days trapped below the earth in a Chilean mine, 33 miners were rescued through a tiny capsule taken like an elevator up a narrow shaft. All 33 miners were in good condition. The miners became instant celebrities and each was greeted by Chile’s president upon their rescue.

Dow Jones

  • High — 11,585.38
  • Low — 9,686.48

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Carlos Slim Helu; Mexico; telecommunications; $53.5 billion
  2. William Gates III; U.S.; computer software; $53.0 billion
  3. Warren Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $47.0 billion

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