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APRA History: 2002

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2002annivwall2.jpgFebruary 2002
First Research Officer Training Class held at Doubletree Chicago O’Hare (IL). This two-day mini-conference covered more advanced research topics than the APRA Boot Camp, the second of which was held in 2002. ROTC was also presented at the Mid-Atlantic Researchers Conference as a pilot program.

March 2002
A strategic planning session was held by the Board. New Vision and Mission statements, along with four strategic initiatives were approved. A new Web site design and structure was completed.

Board Members
Randy Lakeman, President
Michael Seymour, Secretary/Treasurer
Education and Professional Development Team — Christina Pulawski (VP), Barbara Fanning, Pamela Poland, Poonam Prasad
Marketing Team — Julie Yurko (VP), Mark Cotleur, Mark DeFilippis
2002small.jpgMember Services Team — Elizabeth McHugh (VP), Cecilia Hogan, Shelby McClintock

August 14–17, 2002
Over 1,000 attended the 15th Annual International Conference (sponsored by Marts & Lundy ES Solutions), Research on the Hill: Governing the Future of Fund-Raising, in Washington, D.C. A second Advanced Research track was added, and a 15th Anniversary Timeline and Chapter Celebration displays were included. Leaders in Research Summits, for researchers with 10 years of experience, were held for the first time.

  • Keynotes: Eugene Tempel, Executive Director of the Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University; and Leo Arnoult, chair, American Association of Fundraising Council Trust for Philanthropy
  • Conference Volunteers: Christina Pulawski, Conference Chair; Barbara Fanning, Logistics Chair; Pamela Poland, Program Chair; Sarah Parnum Cadbury and Debra Erikson, Resource Center Co-Chairs; Anne Barnett Rhodes, Dean of Volunteers; Sara Edwards Asuncion, Hospitality Chair; Track Chairs were Shelley Brown, Claire Collier, Janice Cunning, Susanne Griego, Carol Hall, Kathy Henderson, Margo Knight, Barbara Schmertz, David Shanton, Peg Shelton, Phoebe Slanetz and Hillevi Wyman
  • Philanthropic Leadership Forum, with leaders from APRA, CASE, AFP and AHP, was held at The National Press Club, with coverage on C-SPAN. The topic was “Maintaining Donor Confidence: Accountability and Transparency in the Nonprofit Sector.” There were nearly 70 members of the philanthropic community and media in attendance.
  • 2002volunteer.jpgAPRA Distinguished Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) Napoleon Hendrix III
  • Researcher of the Year Award: (sponsored by Prospect Information Network, LLC) Sheri Lazare
  • First Volunteer Prize, won by a drawing made available to all volunteers, was awarded to Wai Wong-Lai.

Connections Themes
Real Life vs. a Perfect World: Research in Development, Lisa Thomas; Other Duties as Assigned, Robert Boley; The State of the Profession: A Look Backward and Forward, Michel Hudson; and Campaigns, Eric Hatling.

Chapter Highlights
APRA-Research Utah was approved as a new chapter.

December 2002
Over 2,100 members were part of APRA from the US, Canada, Egypt, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, and Australia.

World Headlines

  • White House Accuses Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussein of Developing Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Two Snipers Kill 10 victims in Washington, D.C., Area
  • Terrorist Bombing in Bali Kills 180
  • Chechen Militants Siege on Moscow Theater Ends With 170 Dead
  • Corporate Scandals: Enron, Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch, WorldCom
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access Expands

Dow Jones

  • High — 10,607
  • Low — 7,528

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $52.8 billion
  2. Warren Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $35 billion
  3. Theo and Karl Albrecht; Germany; retail; $30.4 billion

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