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January 2003
APRA moved from an association management company to a self-staffed office. A think-tank group was created as a follow up to the Philanthropic Leadership Forum to suggest ideas to help raise the profile of APRA. APRA takes over management of PRSPCT-L, a virtual research community discussion list. A new Visual Standards manual was adopted, including APRA Chapter logos.

March 2003
A Strategic Planning session was held by the Board of Directors. 
A new Symposium Series began (replacing APRA Boot Camp and ROTC). It included the Symposium for New Researchers (in Chicago) and the Symposium for Research Managers (in Boston). 
A variety of Virtual Seminars were offered on topics such as Practical Prospecting: The Push to be Proactive, Wealth 101: Evaluating Wealth Using Private Company Information, Wealth 102: Extracting Personal Wealth Information from Public Company Documents and Data Mining: The Next Generation.

Board Members
Randy Lakeman, President
Christina Pulawski, Secretary/Treasurer
2003small.jpgEducation and Professional Development Team — Pamela Poland (VP), Barbara Fanning, Shelby McClintock, Lisa Thomas
Marketing Team — Julie Yurko (VP), Mark DeFilippis, Phoebe Slanetz
Member Services Team — Michael Seymour (VP), Elizabeth McHugh, Pamela Patton

August 13–16, 2003
Over 700 attended the 16th Annual International Conference, Striking it Rich, Drilling for Donors, in Dallas, Texas. Two new program tracks were added: Prospect Identification and Prospect Management.  A Peer Advisory Center was added for attendees to meet with mentors one-on-one and a full-day Chapter Leadership Workshop was offered.

  • Keynote: Sherron Watkins, former Vice President of the Enron Corporation and “whistleblower” to faulty accounting practices.
  • Conference Volunteers: Pamela Poland, Conference Chair; Barbara Fanning, Curriculum Chair; Sara Wright and Allison Hewitt, Resource Center Co-Chairs; Sheri Lazare and Anne Barnett Rhodes, Volunteer Co-Chairs; Catherine Pittard, Hospitality Chair; Track Chairs were Dro Abrahamian, Arno Bangert, Jennifer Cooper, Elizabeth Crabtree, Janice Cunning, Kristina Engstrom, Aimee Fitzgerald, Carol Harlow, Michel Hudson, Julie Macksoud, Shelly Pellish, James Rygg, Susan Shebar, Karen Stitsworth and David Van Lone
  • 0032dsa.jpgAPRA Distinguished Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) Michel Hudson, CFRE
  • Researcher of the Year Award: (sponsored by Prospect Information Network, LLC) Katy Filner
  • APRA Foundation Margaret Fuhry Grant: Kirsten M. Jasna

Connections Themes
Multiple Roads to Advancement Research: Expatriates’ Tales, Jeffrey Walker; Building and Evaluating Your Resource Library, David Shanton; Screening: You Say You Want a Revelation, Kathy Hogan; and Keeping the Faith: Advancement Research Ethics and Practices at Faith-Based and Secular Institutions, Cathy Hampton and Amy Wilson.

Communications Highlights
Chapter News was discontinued and replaced with other forms of regular communication. Electronic update publications included Board Report (quarterly), This Month @ APRA e-mail, From the President (quarterly publication) and short, single-topic announcements focused on research in the news.

APRA co-sponsored the Center on Philanthropy Symposium.

December 2003
The 2003 Member Survey had 888 respondents, a 52 percent response rate, and 17 percent increase in response rate over the 2001 survey. Membership was over 1,600.

World Headlines

  • War in Iraq Begins March 19
  • Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Apart Minutes Before Scheduled Landing
  • Spread of SARS Claims 750 in 25 Countries
  • 60 Million Americans and Canadians Lose Electricity on August 14
  • Saddam Hussein's Sons, Qusay and Uday, are Killed in Iraq

Dow Jones

  • High — 10,325
  • Low — 7,740

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $40.7 billion
  2. Warren Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $30.5 billion
  3. Theo and Karl Albrecht; Germany; retail; $25.6 billion

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