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Apra's Podcasts provide the fundraising research community with complimentary year-round learning through short podcasts recorded by Apra's most prestigious presenters. The content will highlight industry hot topics and other timely issues related to prospect research, relationship management and data analytics.

Latest Episode: 

Data and the Donor: Episode One

Hosted by: Michael Pawlus, Data Scientist at University of Southern California and Steve Grimes, Director of Development Strategy and Analytics at Jazz at Lincoln Center

Guest: Sarah Wells, Director of Major Gifts at Stevens Institute of Technology

Data and the Donor is a monthly podcast where we use the results of academic studies to discuss various fundraising topics. This month’s episode we use When the Relatively Poor Prosper: The Underdog Effect and Majority size and conformity behavior in charitable giving: Field evidence from a donation-based crowdfunding platform in Japan. Using these articles, we discuss the factors that surround how the knowledge of previous charitable giving impacts a potential donor’s gift making decision.

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Past Episodes:

The Power of Fundraising Intelligence

Hosted by: Jill McCarville, VP Marketing, iWave and Marissa Todd, Prospect Research Analyst, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Explore fundraising intelligence through the eyes of a prospect researcher. iWave, the industry’s top prospect research platform, has helped thousands of education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations fundraise with confidence. Hear a one-on-one interview with Marissa Todd, an iWave user, and Jill McCarville, VP Marketing with iWave, discuss the power of fundraising intelligence and the value prospect research can add to an organization.

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Ethics Podcast Series: Episode One

Data Analytics: Ethically Sourced and Prepared for Your Consumption

Hosted by: Gareth Griffin, Santa Clara University, Ethics & Compliance Committee Chair; Audrey Geoffroy, University of Florida Foundation; Ashutosh Nandeshwar, USC; Marianne Pelletier, Staupell Analytics Group

Kicking off a podcast series dedicated to ethics & compliance in the prospect development space, this discussion centers around data analytics. From skewing of data and implicit bias, to the methods we use for data security, the podcast participants will share what they are seeing at their organizations and how they have seen ethical issues arise. Other topics covered include data scraping, compliance trends, and what impacts privacy policies are having on research. The podcast ends with a look into the crystal ball – what is next on the horizon for data analytics that will create new instances of ethical standards and compliance regulation?

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Ethics Podcast Series: Episode Two

Prospect Research: You Are How You Search

Hosted by: Gareth Griffin, Director, Prospect Management, MIT, Ethics & Compliance Committee Chair; Lori Hood Lawson, CEO,; Liz Rejman, Associate Director, Fundraising Operations, Pathways to Education Canada

In this second installment of the Ethics Podcast Series, ECC member Lori Hood Lawson and Apra Board President Liz Rejman discuss the Prospect Research domain and how to better align our activities as prospect development professionals with Apra’s ethics statements. In this day and age of new, broad-reaching regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, and in light of recent hacking and data privacy headlines, how can we ensure we are minimizing our organization’s risk? Listen to this lively discussion, moderated by ECC Chair Gareth Griffin and discover how you are, indeed, how you search.

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Ethics Podcast Series: Episode Three

Ethics and Relationship Management...It's Complicated

Sponsored by Blackbaud Target Analytics

Hosted by: Gareth Griffin, Director, Prospect Management, MIT, Ethics & Compliance Committee Chair; Andillion Hackney, Director, Prospect Management and Research at UC San Diego; Janna Holm, Director of Prospect Development, The Trust for Public Land; Melissa Bank Stepno, Director, Client Services, Blackbaud Target Analytics. 

In the third installment of the Ethics Podcast Series, learn what these professionals believe is the biggest ethical dilemna in relationship management. Like what you hear? Attend the virtual learning event Plug in to Relationship Management November 1-2. 

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Ethics Podcast Series: Episode Four 

Ethical Campaigns: A Pyramid Approach

Hosted by Gareth Griffin, Director, Prospect Development, MIT, and Chair of Apra’s Ethics & Compliance Committee;
Gail Ferris, AVP, Advancement Administration and Compliance, The George Washington University;
Karen Isble, Associate Vice Chancellor and Campaign Director, University Advancement, University of California, Irvine

Hear insights on campaign ethics from two experienced professionals. Gail Ferris and Karen Isble discuss ethical pitfalls, gift counting dilemmas, and the pressure of campaign goals in this fourth installment of the Ethics Podcast Series.

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Incorporating Mid-Level Giving and Prospect Development 

The competition for donors is stronger than it has ever been. How do organizations identify and build their mid-level donors to one day being major donors? Prospect research can play an integral role in the success of identifying and qualifying who those prospects are to an organization.  

In a new podcast, sponsored by Target Analytics, Plug in to Prospect Research chair, Ryan Frank, discusses this topic with Michael Quevli, senior consultant with Target Analytics, and Kelly Riutta, director of prospect research with University of Washington. You'll also hear a sneak peek into some of the content that will be included in Plug In, taking place November 1 -2.

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Hey Advocacy!

This podcast was created by the Apra Advocacy Committee as a way to provide Apra members with various practical answers to questions that pertain to advocating for yourself, your teams and our profession. Hey Advocacy is a roundtable podcast so you will receive the benefit of diverse experiences and viewpoints.

Download episode 1. Presented by Amy Turbes, Director of Prospect Development and Campaign Strategy, Creighton University; Misa Lobato, Assistant Vice President of Advancement Strategy, University of Colorado; Emily Walsh, Associate Vice President, Development Research and Resources, University of Arizona Foundation & Jon Garrow, Assistant Director, Donor Strategy & Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Health System

Download episode 2. Interested in learning more about what is happening in the UK with the Data Protection guidelines and how it is affecting Prospect Research? Tune into Episode 2 of the Hey Advocacy! Podcast Series, sponsored by the Apra Advocacy Committee, to hear from Helen Brown and two of her colleagues share their knowledge working in this current environment.

Download episode 3. The latest episode in the series features Mark Egge, Apra president-elect and senior manager of prospect development for Greater Twin Cities United Way, and Amy Turbes, Apra secretary and senior director of strategy, research and development at Creighton University, discussing power, influence and critical relationships in the workplace. They discuss how to incorporate the popular concept of winning friends and influencing people into our prospect development work.

Get to Know the Body of Knowledge and Make it Work for You

Presented by Lisa Howley, Assistant Vice President, Health Sciences Development, University of Southern California & Misa Lobato, Assistant Vice President of Advancement Strategy, University of Colorado, Office of Advancement

Join our Body of Knowledge experts, Lisa Howley and Misa Lobato, as they give a brief preview of the upcoming Pre-Conference Workshop, “Making the Body of Knowledge Work for You: Advocacy and Professional Development.” They also discuss the many benefits of the Body of Knowledge to you and your career in the prospect development community.

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Stewards of Data

Presented by Sarah Cadbury, Director of Prospect Research and Management, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Interested in becoming an even better steward of data at your institution? Join Sarah for this podcast as she focuses on the importance of transparency and respect for the data from two different approaches:

+ Best practices for how to handle data entrance, maintenance, filing, and more

+ How to protect key information about your institution and individual constituents

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Why Don't We Consider Prospect Researchers Fundraisers?

Presented by Armando E. Zumaya, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Campaign, The Mexican Museum, Fort Mason Center

Why don't we consider prospect researchers fundraisers? It's a good question. Great fundraising requires two things, finding the right people and having great relationships with the right people. We honor and compensate the askers, the second half of that equation. However too commonly Prospect Research and Management simply is seen as not fundraising. This effects how seriously our work is taken, used, it effect salaries and careers. Let's put the common issue on the table and let's talk about how to address it creatively and tactfully.

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Prospect Development 2015 Preview Podcast: Modernizing the Contact Report or Describing an Elephant in 50 Words or Less

Presented by Martin O’Donoghue, Carrick Davis and Milagro Lobato

The question of how to improve the quality of contact reports has plagued development teams since the beginning of time. How do we train a development officer to record the essential elements of their donor visits, as well as their evaluations and recommendations, in a way that will best guide prospect strategy for the whole fundraising organization? In this podcast previewing a session at Prospect Development 2015, Martin O’Donoghue and Carrick Davis will discuss the development of a survey-type mobile contact report form. The information collected through this form can be used to quickly identify the best new prospects, the best relationship management assignments, the prospect’s true philanthropic passion, and the best strategy. Most importantly, it provides a format and method that makes contact reports transparent, standardized, and comparative. The podcast previews Martin’s analysis of the contact report form, as well as some of the pitfalls. Also discussed are changes at the upcoming Prospect Development 2015 conference, including new unique format sessions.

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Terms of Social Media

Presented by Lori Hood-Lawson, and Elizabeth Rejman, Pathways to Education Canada

Listen as Liz and Lori discuss the terms of use of a popular social network, LinkedIn, which has been discussed and debated recently on several industry listservs, Twitter, and blogs. Recent changes to search capabilities are also explored as well as Apra’s ethical framework and risk management at your organization. Feel free to submit your thoughts and feedback to Apra or via Twitter to Liz (@erejman) and to Lori (@WorkingLori). Keep the conversation going!

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New Researchers Podcast

Presented by Helen E. Brown, Liz McHugh, Michael Quevli

This podcast will provide you strategies for your professional development

Are you new to prospect development and prospect research? Did you just get asked to add this to your plate? Listen as three industry leaders discuss strategies for your own professional development. 

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Supplemental NRS Resource List

Fall Symposium 2014 Preview Podcast: Data Analytics Boot Camp

Presented by the Data Analytics Boot Camp Faculty 

This podcast will provide you with a sneak peek of the Fall Symposium Data Analytics Boot Camp.

Our four Data Analytics Boot Camp faculty members share insight about the world of data analytics. This talk includes a highlight of the session they will be presenting and a quick data analysis tip that they wish they had known when they started in the field. 

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Prospect Development 2014 Preview Podcast: A Decade of Supporting Open Cultivation

Presented by Susan Hayes-McQueen and Jessica Balsam

This podcast will provide you with a sneak peek of the Prospect Development 2014 session "A Decade of Supporting Open Cultivation"

What happens when any fundraiser can cultivate any prospect? Over 10 years ago, the University of Washington instituted an open cultivation policy, with the intention of a better donor experience. That marks the point at which the speakers started an active, rather than reactive, relationship management program. The speakers will share how they tackle the beast of multiple simultaneous assignments, uphold and interpret the policy, and help fundraisers adapt. They will also share the beneficial outcomes for donors and our major gift program.

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HIPAA and Fundraising

Presented by Lori Hood Lawson and David Eberly

Lori Hood Lawson and David Eberly discuss the recent HIPAA changes and the impact of HIPAA on a fundraising organization. They explore a few case study scenarios and explore how prospect development professionals can make sure they are in compliance.

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Management & Leadership Symposium Preview: Grow Your Professional Development

Presented by Jon Thorsen, Independent Consultant and Faculty Member for Apra's Management & Leadership Symposium

This podcast will provide you with a sneak peek of the professional development opportunities at Apra's Management & Leadership Symposium. Hear what Jon has to say and then learn more about the Symposium and register today.

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Prospect Development 2013 Preview: Big Ten Lessons for Building High-Performing Teams

Presented by Jennifer E. Fry, Director of Prospect Discovery and Information at Northwestern, and Juli Geske-Peer, Senior Director of Prospect Development at the University of Minnesota Foundation

This podcast will provide you with a sneak peek of a Prospect Development 2013 Workshop, 104: Big Ten Lessons for Building High-Performing Teams. In this podcast, experienced managers of Big Ten prospect development teams give you an overview of the lessons they learned around various management tasks – all with an eye to how these can turn shops of any size into high-performing ones.

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Value Added Analytics: Things to Consider

Presented by Elizabeth Dollhopf-Brown, Senior Director, University of Rochester

In the first part of this two-part podcast, we will explore how analysis can make a difference in your organization by effectively identifying business needs. In the second segment, we'll look at communication considerations and how to turn analysis roadblocks into speed bumps.

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