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APRA History: 2005

APRA Highlights

Symposia Topics
Prospect Management and New Researchers

Virtual Seminars
Prospect Management Reporting, Finding Wealth in Public Company Documents, Prospect Strategy Sessions, Private Company Valuation, Prospect Research 101 and Relationship Mapping

Board Members
Pamela Poland, President
Michael Quevli, Secretary/Treasurer
Education & Professional Development Team — Elizabeth Crabtree (VP), Christopher Cannon, Janice Cunning, Hodan Hassan
Marketing and Membership Services Team — Phoebe Slanetz (VP), David Shanton, Karen Stitsworth
Information Resources Team — Barbara Fanning (VP), Mark DeFilippis, Lisa Howley

2005small.jpgAugust 10–13, 2005
The 18th Annual International Conference, The Campaign Trail: Research Rich, Fundraising Focused, was held in San Diego, California,  and sponsored by WealthEngine with Wealth ID. Attendance was over 1,000, a 30 percent increase over the 2004 Conference in Toronto.

  • Keynote; Randall E. Stross, the “Digital Domain” columnist for the New York Times
  • Conference Volunteers: Elizabeth Crabtree, Conference Chair; Michael Quevli, Conference Vice Chair; Michael Seymour and Cathy Terrones, Volunteer Co-Chairs; Shirley Gottschalk and Amy Walling, Hospitality Co-Chairs; Hodan Hassan, Lance Hill and Christine Lockmon, Professional Development Center Co-Chairs; Curriculum and Track Chair Special Advisors were Pamela Poland and Christina Pulawski; and Track Chairs were David Eberly, Karen Greene, Chuck Kehoe, Sheri Lazare, Vicky Martin, Erin Moran, Shelly Pellish, Deborah Reinhardt-Youmans, Ann Rogers, James Rygg, Chari Severns and Karen Stitsworth; pulawskidsa.jpgand Roundtable Co-Coordinators were Sandra Campero and Jill Meister
  • APRA Distinguished Service Award: (sponsored by Bentz Whaley Flessner) Christina Pulawski
  • APRA Foundation Margaret Fuhry Grant: Michelle Johnson

Following up on a Readers Survey, a task force was set up to study Connections, and it went on hiatus while it was evaluated and redesigned. APRA members who served on the Task Force: Michel Hudson, Christine Lockmon, Pam Patton, Chris Pipkins and Frankie Tatum.

December 2005
APRA Skills Sets were updated and expanded to include Prospect Research Fundamentals, Advanced Prospect Research, and Research Management. New Vision and Mission Statements were developed. Membership increased to just under 2,000.

2005 Member Survey Summary
Member breakdown: 63 percent higher education, 14 percent healthcare,43 percent researcher/analyst, 36 percent director/manager. 30 percent had been members of APRA for three to five years; 25 percent had been in the field for one to three years, 26 percent were in the field for four to six years, and 26 percent were in the field for more than 10 years. The five most important resources provided by APRA were the Annual International Conference, keeping up with current trends, networking/sharing best practices, virtual seminars and Connections.

World Headlines

  • Iraq Holds First Free Election in 50 Years
  • Pope John Paul II Dies
    Prince Charles Weds Camilla Parker Bowles
  • Deep Throat Revealed
  • London Subway Bombings
  • Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall East of New Orleans

Dow Jones

  • High — 10,940
  • Low — 10,088

Forbes' World's Richest — Top Three

  1. Bill Gates; U.S.; computer software; $46.5 billion
  2. Warren Buffett; U.S.; stock market; $44.0 billion
  3. Lakshmi Mittal; India; steel; $25.0 billion

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