2015 Salary Survey Results Available Now!

Apra’s 2015 salary survey was conducted to obtain benchmark compensation data for individuals in prospect identification and development, relationship management and data analytics roles. 

The Apra salary survey asked participants about their current position, workplace, and organization's budget.

This year’s survey results illustrate encouraging trends within our profession. Prospect Development, as a field, continues to diversify.  This diversification brings with it opportunities for professional growth and learning as well as the option to develop expertise in specialized roles. Survey results also indicate more movement within the field. Although we see longer tenure on average, we have seen an increase in the number of people who report taking new roles within the last year. Respondents overall expect their organization to grow. Coupled with an improving ratio of Prospect Development staff to fundraisers, this reflects a general feeling of optimism.  These trends, along with continued overall job satisfaction, paint a positive outlook for the future of Prospect Development.

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