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**Educational Tracks have been aligned with APRA's Body of Knowledge Domains to create a holistic educational experience for APRA members. 

Why Should I Present at Prospect Development 2016?

Don't take our word for it! Hear what past presenters have to say:

“Speaking at APRA is always a great experience for me. I always use it as a learning opportunity — creating a presentation involves making sure you talk to others in the industry. It’s a great way for me to focus on one topic and really clarify best practices and other ways to approach the same issues we all face. Plus, speaking is so great because you get to interact with the APRA membership in a new a different way; it’s unlike being an attendee — it’s more immersive and more satisfying.” - Susan Hayes-McQueen 

"For me, it is about giving back to a community that I am deeply indebted to for all that I have received over the years. You not only get to present in front of your colleagues, but in every session I have done I have walked away with great information!" - Michael Quevli

"Pick a topic that you know and love and share it by presenting at Prospect Development. It is one of the most rewarding professional, intellectual and social experiences you can have." - Thomas C. Hampsey

What Should I Prepare Before I Submit?

Download the Prospect Development 2016 submission checklist for insight into:

  • The information we'll ask you to submit
  • Submission guidelines
  • Ideas on how to make your submission stand out

Click here to download

If I'm Selected, What is Expected of Me as a Speaker?

If your proposal is selected, we expect you to:

  • Commit to presenting. No last minute speaker changes. This is an opportunity for the individual, not for the company.
  • Share your presence at the event with your social networks. Help spread the word about your session through social media to increase attendance and foster excitement around your topic and the conference!
  • Meet the deadlines outlined in the online speaker center for hotel booking, slides, abstracts, etc.
  • Get creative! Help APRA market your session by contributing an informational blog post, creating a short video or providing anything else you feel will make your session stand out. 
  • Outline clear and acturate learning objectives that will provides attendees with what they will take way from the session. 



Please direct questions to speakers@aprahome.org