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APRA History: The Beginning to 1987


June 12, 1981
A meeting of a group calling themselves "Fund-Raising Researchers" met at Augsburg College in Minnesota to discuss the history of prospect development in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and look at ways to address the needs of researchers.

October 1981
A second meeting was held in October of 1981 at Hamline University, hosted by Pam Capriotti Dirk and featuring guest speaker Michael Blimes, a consultant with C.W. Shaver, Inc. In the business portion of the meeting, members of the group — now known as the Minnesota Research in Fund Raising Association — agreed to meet twice per year, with meetings to be chaired by different volunteers. The group changed its name to the Minnesota Prospect Research Association (MPRA) and formed an Interim Executive Committee to determine organizational structure and policies.

The Executive Board of the MPRA met throughout 1984 and 1985, with Kathleen Foley as president. The board established bylaws and a dues structure for the association, established a newsletter and registered the association in Minnesota as a nonprofit organization. By 1986, the MPRA had developed a "Prospect Researchers Statement of Rights and Responsibilities."

January 1987
The MPRA elected new officers, with Inez Waltman succeeding Kathleen Foley as president.

July 1987
Following the presentation of the national association feasibility report at the July board meeting, the MPRA agreed to undergo a transition, expanding its range and adopting the name "American Prospect Research Association." The MPRA board determined to host a national conference in September of 1988.

The American Prospect Research Association (APRA) grew out of the MPRA in 1987, the same year the New England Development Research Association (NEDRA) was established. The two organizations have followed parallel development over the years, with APRA choosing to become an international chapter-based organization, and NEDRA preferring to maintain a strong regional presence.

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