Speaker Resource Page

Thank you for your commitment to speak at Prospect Development 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Following are deadlines, travel information and answers to frequently asked questions to make your participation as smooth and fulfilling as possible. Be sure to utilize the speaker marketing kit to help promote your involvement in this year's conference. You can also view the DAS speaker marketing kit here.

Click below to download the following PPT templates:

Mark Your Calendar for Important Dates

  • Monday, February 5: Session confirmations due 
  • Friday, February 9: Speaker compensation is now closed
  • Early April: Registration opens
  • Monday, June 25: AV requests due
    • Please note: AV requests are now closed. Please scroll down for more information on available AV equipment.
  • Monday, June 25: Breakout and Workshop session presentations and handout requests due (download the PD, DAS or NRS templates)
  • Thursday, July 19: Speaker Orientation Webinar
  • Wednesday, August 8 - Saturday, August 11: Prospect Development 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA 

If you have any questions or require additional information, contact Apra Headquarters at speakers@aprahome.org.

Speaker Coaching

Interested in reviewing more than just logistics? Check out Apra's Speaker Coaching page to review best tips and tricks from Apra Headquarters as well as seasoned Apra speakers.

Prospect Development 2018 PowerPoint Templates

  • Click below to download the following PPT templates:

  • Please note: you will need to be logged in to download the file. Breakout session presentations and handouts must be submitted to Apra Headquarters no later than Monday, June 25, 2018. 
  • In preparing your presentation for Prospect Development 2018, remember the following:
  • On the title slide, include your presentation title, name, professional title, organization and session code to assist attendees in filling out session evaluation forms. If your session has multiple speakers, list them in alphabetical order by last name.
  • All presentations are to be of an educational nature and should not be used to promote products or services.
  • All presentations must be prepared in PowerPoint using the official Prospect Development 2018 template.
  • The number of presentation slides is not limited, but any graphics included in the presentation (i.e. charts, graphs, etc.) must be embedded in the PowerPoint file.
  • Breakout session presentations and handouts must be submitted to Apra Headquarters no later than Monday, June 25, 2018 for inclusion on the conference proceedings website. Apra kindly requests that only one final version be submitted. Should presentation edits be made post-submission, Apra cannot guarantee that the updated version submitted post due-date will be uploaded to the proceedings website.

Tips for Presentation Graphics

  • Limit the information on a single slide
  • Create slides to highlight your presentation, not to duplicate exactly what you will say
  • Use a large font size — black font is recommended. Remember that those sitting in the back of the room should still be able to read your slides

How Do I Submit my Final Presentation and Handouts?

  • Download the Prospect Development 2018 PowerPoint template.
  • To upload your presentation, click on the direct link to your abstract, included in your abstract confirmation letter or accessible on the My Presentations portion of your Apra profile
  • Log in to edit your abstract 
  • Click “edit files” in the upper left-hand corner
  • Click “add” to upload your PowerPoint file, and click "choose files" to find your file
  • Under the “source type” drop-down menu, please choose “PowerPoint”
  • Click "add" to upload your PDF file, and click "choose files" to find your file 
  • Under the "source type" drop-down menu, please choose "PDF"
  • In the “download options” drop-down, ONLY select "Original Only." Selecting other formats may distort your presentation download. 
  • Apra will only make the PDF version of your presentation available to attendees, but we ask that you upload BOTH a PowerPoint version and a PDF version of your presentation
  • If you update your presentation after the presentation/handout deadlines, please upload the new version with a new filename immediately (Title_v2). 

If you have any questions about your presentation, contact speakers@aprahome.org.

Speaker Orientation

To help you prepare for your responsibilities as a speaker at Prospect Development 2018, Apra Headquarters hosted a speaker orientation webinar on Thursday, July 19, 2018. This webinar provides an overview of the conference experience as a speaker, including logistics and preparation needs.

Hotel & Travel

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Mobile App 

Click here to learn more and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I promote my session?

To help you market your presentation and ensure a full room during your session, Apra Headquarters has put together a speaker marketing kit for you to customize and use to promote your session. DAS speakers can download a customized marketing kit here.

Do I need to register for the Prospect Development?

All speakers are responsible for completing their registration for the conference. Registration will be available in early March. You are responsible for the cost of your conference registration (unless otherwise indicated by Apra). If you have any questions, contact speakers@aprahome.org.

Do I need to make my hotel reservation?

You are responsible for your own travel and hotel arrangements and expenses (unless otherwise indicated by Apra). Details are listed above under the "Hotel and Travel Information" headline.

How do I confirm my participation as a speaker at the Apra Conference?

Speakers are required to electronically confirm their participation as a speaker. Please reference the instructions in your speaker confirmation letter, or speakers@aprahome.org.

What A/V equipment will be available in my presentation room?

All rooms are equipped with a LCD projector, projection screen, a wireless slide advancer, wired lavaliere microphone and wireless internet. Additional microphones will be available for sessions with multiple speakers. If you have any other AV requirements, please submit your requests to speakers@aprahome.org no later than Monday, June 25, 2018.   

All session rooms will have Wi-Fi internet access. Both the network name and password for the Wi-Fi are: Apra2018. If you plan to show a video during your session, please make sure to download it on your jump drive prior to arriving in Pittsburgh.

Please note: all breakout session rooms will be equipped with laptops with Microsoft Office 2013. Make sure to bring your presentation on a USB flash drive. 

How do I update my presentation information?

Apra Headquarters has sent you the information we currently have on file specific to your session(s).

Please note: Your abstract and biography may have been edited for style and consistency for our marketing collateral.

To submit changes to the session information you received from Apra Headquarters or add a new co-presenter, you must contact speakers@aprahome.org and submit your updated session information to be included on the Apra website. Session edits will be updated on the website within five business days.

How do I update my profile?

Please take the time to update your profile including company and contact information. This ensures you will receive all important communications regarding your session and guarantees your profile is mobile friendly for the mobile app.

  1. Access the "My Options" menu in the upper right-hand corner and select "My Profile"
  2. Click the button "Edit Profile". Remember to hit save!

This year, we'd like to feature speakers' photos along with their session. If you do not already have a photo uploaded to your profile, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Access the "My Options" menu in the upper right-hand corner and select "My Profile"
  2. Click the "My Picture" button within the "About this User" box.
  3. Select "Update File" and browse to find your photo, then click "OK".
  4. You should now see your head shot in the "About this User" box.

How Can Attendees View Information About My Session?

Clikc here full conference schedule, and here for speaker information

When Will Evaluation Results be Distributed?

Apra will be collecting evaluations via the Prospect Development 2018 mobile app. Apra Headquarters will distribute the electronic session evaluation results via email to speakers four to six weeks after the conference.