Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research

Thank You for Attending! 

Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research took place April 12, 14 and 16. The program focused on the four key areas of prospect development: Campaigns, Prospect Research, Prospect Management, and Data Science. It also explored fundraising terms and technologies as well as techniques and resources for finding and analyzing biographical, background, and financial information; introduced participants to corporate and foundation research, and delves into how available data can be used to formulate gift capacities and inform fundraising operations. In addition, the program covered guiding concepts related to prospect research, such as navigating ethical considerations in conducting research, best practices for managing and reporting prospect data, and creating quality research products.

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What We Learned

  • Practical skills and knowledge to be applied immediately in prospect development work.
  • The critical role prospect development plays in the fundraising process.
  • How rewarding and FUN it is to work in the field of prospect development!
  • Attendees will also have multiple opportunities to share experiences with other colleagues new to the field, begin to build a network of professional contacts, and acquire materials that will help to improve their work.